Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finding the Balance... Fav & Least Fav. pt. 2

If you haven't read pt. 1, please see that first... here:

I sort of did look at the animal and the picture for both of these. For favorite it was honestly more difficult. I really had several I really, really liked. Luckily for me some of my favorite animals, also were my favorite pictures so I didn't feel I had to really choose which criteria to pick.
I will admit the least favorite choice was more difficult. Do I automatically pick a bug because I can't stand them, or do I let art play more into it? Well... I really, really, really wanted to pick two cards here BUT I kept thinking about how "oh... this card is my least favorite, even though it's not a bug" so I went with it. Also not an aminal I am really a fan of... I know some people will love them however.

Favorite card is: TIGER. I think not only is the card itself lovely, but I'm such a cat person. . I love the way it shows both an orange and white tiger. The "reflection" is neat. I feel like tigers have 2 sides, the fiery, passionate side... but the quiet side of solitude and a quiet type of power until at the exact striking moment. Tigers can be so focused an look at the way both sets of eyes seem to look out of the card. The water and lotus make me think of a more spiritual and emotional side that isn't normally seen with the tiger.
So what am I supposed to learn: The negative aspects of Tiger are aloofness and unpredictability. I think at times I can appear aloof, probably not as much as I used to in personal life, but maybe in other areas still. As far as unpredictable... well I am a Gemini so we can go from on thing to the next. I agree I need to be more focused and grounded. Maybe the Buddhism & Meditation classes we start on Wednesday will help some of this.
On to my least favorite card: PRIMATE (apes & monkeys). Some people LOVE the monkeys and the apes at the zoo... you know I can bypass that area totally. I don't like nature shows about them or anything. I like the lemurs and tamarinds but that's about it. I have speculated this is because they seem human and/or baby-like. And I'm not a kid person. I don't go nuts when someone has a kid and just have to run and see it. I'm like that with kittens, puppies, and just about any other animal.... but not the primates. Weird. Also weird... my Chinese Zodiac sign: the Monkey. It seems just wrong in a way. Oh... and this card. HATE the dark background and the big black ape head that looks like a blob of dark ink. You have to get it in so much light to figure it out. Don't like the card design in general... it's all smushed together.
Ok... lets look at my lesson: The positive aspects of Primates are they are very family-oriented. This I am. The are very agile in both their physical ability and mental ability. I could use work in the physical strength/agility category for sure. Maybe this is saying get off my butt and join a gym or yoga class... well anything. I am taking more classes in my field and starting the class mentioned above so that will help the mind keep learning. Monkey/primates are great at observation. The first thing they do when they enter a new area is climb a tree and look all around in every direction before making a choice of home, etc. I need to observe more... shut up and watch and listen. Very good messages.

I think both these animals are good messages for me. Wondering if should incorporate them into the Totem animals I have for the year... I think I will. So much to learn, so much to do.


  1. It has been really interesting following your favorite and least favorite picks here. I might have to do this exercise as well.
    I did this with the Dragonfae!! (cheeky grin) And it was amazing what I came up with. But I haven't tried it with my Pathfinders. hmmm.....

  2. I had to laugh reading your comments about primates -- because I feel the same way. Monkeys and apes can look so creepy -- their faces and facial expressions are soooo close to being human, but are just different enough to look wrong. It really is creepy, there's no other word for it. I do love lemurs though -- they resemble cats more than they do the other primates.

    This turned out to be an insightful exercise. I'm trying to do something similar with the Elemental, but it seems to have devolved into a self-indulgent love-fest with the deck.

  3. I enjoyed your insightful comments about the Tiger. That is a lovely card!

  4. I like what you write about the Tiger card. I love Tigers, it is my favourite animal. (I'm a cat person too). So gracious, beautiful, and dangerous. So yes there is a doublesidedness to this animal.

  5. I am totally a monkey lover. Perhaps it's better stated: I love antics. These are the first I've ever seen of these cards. They're beautiful.