Friday, January 16, 2009

Offer for Followers...

To those people listed a Followers of my blog here, or my other blog also, I would like to make a oracle reading offer.

Would anyone like a Totem Animal Reading for 2009? I'll draw 2 animals from the Pathfinders Deck. I can post reading either here or on AT, or PM it to you from AT. I do want feedback. I may ask for feedback later in the year since these are guides, teachers, comforters for the entire year. I will probably discuss some of my observations, and possibly feedback on here, however, I will not use names of people when I do. I'll post a picture of the cards also.

Some readings I may feel drawn to try to do them intuitively but will at the end always give you the books "keywords", even if they are vastly different from my own impressions. The intuitive read I did the other day with this deck was very freeing and eye-opening to me about the readability of this deck and pushed me a little which I liked.

This is sort of a thanks for following and commenting on my blog and deciding to spend the year with me and the animals. I also had an odd dream about Zebra doing readings... sort of makes sense with the messages of service and community. Post a comment here and I'll get to it.


  1. Oh oh pick me pick me!

    I mean, um, sure, I would be interested if you had the time and really felt like it.

    I am much enjoying reading about your work with these cards. I don't have much experience with oracles, but yours is intriguing.

  2. I'd love one too. :-) And I'd love to hear what you get intuitively more than the book meanings also! Well mostly because I want the intuitive impressions more, but also because I have the book and can look them up myself. LOL
    Just thought of something though. Sometimes reading the book meanings gives you more intuitive info. So nevermind. Do what you want!!! ROFL

  3. Hey guys... do you want me to PM your reading, post here?? Let me know. And how do you want to give feedback?

  4. That would be great if you have the time. I would want you to post it here.

    Your oracle is very interesting.

  5. I can't resist this. When you've time, I'd like one too. I'll give feedback either immediately or you can contact me when you're ready for it later.

  6. I'd like to sign up too. I'll be glad to give feedback. You can post either here or at AT, whichever you prefer. This is such an intriguing deck you're working worth.

  7. Me too! I'll trade you a reading with the Transparent if you want. :D

  8. Sin... no need to trade, or if you want to... a general read... post in your blog. Either way is cool with me.