Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pathfinders Cards intro

This my blog for the PDR deck study on AT.
I am using an oracle deck done by 39 different artists called Pathfinders Cards. It is all animals, well a few mythical beings and a few extinct animals.
I have been on a real kick lately with the animal decks. I am moving away from tarot in some ways. I think there is so much to learn from the natural world, animals, plants, etc. It seems like the world is so much about technology that nature has been forgotten. I admit I'm not a real nature person on some level... I don't really like camping, but I want there to be the space to do it. I think humans are taking over too much natural space for no reason. Do we need another mall or office building when there are 3 perfectly good vacant ones down the road? NO.
Anyway... my deck choice is actually a very large deck with 83 cards.
I will be trying to do a reading with them each week. Likely these will be readings for other people more than for myself. I will however start with my reading for the year 2009. What are my Animal Guides and Teachers for this year?


  1. I have the Pathfinder deck too. I'm glad you're using it for your PDR...I'm interested to see how it reads, and how you decide to read with it. Good luck!

  2. I think some types of readings with be more difficult, but others might be easier.

  3. IF you wish to pick these up remember they are only going to be making a thousand of the decks. EVER. IF you get one protect the cards as much as possible, you may not be able to repalce them.