Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Several Readings...

Since this is a "Reflections" study. I thought I would do just that. I spent today doing several readings for people on AT. I used this deck for 3 readings. Interestingly in 2 of the readings one of my own 2009 totems came up. These 2 readings were 2009 totem readings. I wonder if there is an overall energy needed about Zebra and Boar for many people. I just found this statistically interesting considering this deck has 83 cards.
The other reading I did was for the Intuitive Oracle Circle on AT. Feel free to look it up (please look it up)... But the thing about that circle is NO LOOKING AT THE BOOK. Well... what if I drew an animal I knew nothing about? What if there wasn't a background pics, What if???? Well it all worked out. So much information and the animals were familiar ones, not necessarily "meanings", but that I know what a Penguin is, a Butterfly, and Parrots. Would love to see if anyone has thoughts on any of this.
This deck is really coming along for me...


  1. If you come to a card with an animal you know nothing about, then why not ask yourself questions about the animals environment or predators (or prey?) Maybe there is a dream you have had about a particular animal.

  2. I am not that familiar with oracle decks in general, but doesn't it feel good to stretch the old intuition muscle?