Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding the Balance... Fav and Least Fav Pt. 1

This exercise was used by Northern Tigress in her blog and evidently originally posted on AT by lunalafey
Here is lunalafey's comments about "Finding the Balance"
I got a new deck and one of the things I do with a new deck is play with it. Every 'game' I play is different. I never know what I'm going to do to get to know a new deck. With this new deck I started something that evolved into something more and unexpected.

I did not start out intending to do a reading, but upon study of the cards I found that what I came up with was a reflection of what I feel and face in this moment.

I call this "Balance the Moment" It seems that it is good for overall awareness & guidance for the here and now.

Step 1- Separating the deck
Without thinking or taking purposeful note of the card your viewing, look at the cards imagery. Are you liking it or disliking it. Make two piles, the like it pile and the don't like it pile.

Step 2- Reducing the piles
Choose 3-6 of the cards you like the best from the like it group, from those cards, carefully study each and choose the one that you are drawn to the most.
Choose 3-6 cards from the dislike pile that you like the least, again, study them carefully choosing the one you are liking the least of all.

Step 3- Finding the Balance
Take the card you liked the most and read it for it's negative aspects and associations. Reflect upon how it applies in life at this time.
Take the card disliked the most and read it with it's positive attributes and message. Apply it's wisdom in order to find what will bring balance.

If you give it a try, let me know how it worked for you. I'm curious about my 'accidental' reading being a 'fluke' or if I have stumbled upon something more solid.
So is the "shadow aspect" of the favorite card something that needs work? Do I need to learn something from my least favorite card.
This was more difficult, I feel, with this deck because am I liking or disliking the animal or the artwork? Well... some of both. My initial run through I had 10 cards of each. SO... the question at this point is which is more important in my choices? Someone give me opinions...

Ok... the narrowed down Lists.
LEAST FAVORITE: (first picture)

FAVORITE: (2nd picture)
Wild Dog

Please comment on the above question and then I'll narrow down further and finish. Thanks in advance to everyone following along.. :D


  1. An interesting exercise!

    Are you asking if you should choose based on artwork, vs. choosing based on animal? If so, I'd say.... go with your gut reaction to each card. Don't analyze why you love it or hate it yet, just trust your reactions and see where that takes you. Then when you've narrowed it down to one loved animal and one hated animal, see if those choices feel true to you.

    I wish I could see all the animals you listed. Oh well, I just have to be patient... I ordered the deck yesterday. :)

    I'm still reflecting on the animals you posted for me, and will have feedback for you tomorrow or the next day. Sometimes it takes me a while to process a reading... Hope you don't mind!

  2. I think you should concentrate on your feelings about each individual animal on the card.

  3. That's a great exercise - I can think of a few decks that I'd like to try it with. Lovely deck btw!

  4. I think I'd go more on the individual animals, but sometimes artwork does play a part in explaining our emotions. So while I mostly agree with KK here, I do think pangolin makes a good point about just going with your initial gut reaction.

    Well aren't I the wishy washy person today? LOL

  5. Hey, thank you for posting the pictures! Some of those cards are amazing. But when my deck arrives, I'm afraid I'm going to have throw Spider away, or go bury it out in the yard. *shudder*

    I can see now why you're wondering if you should judge based on the artwork -- what's up with the Phoenix artist, was s/he dialing it in? It's not even in the same league as the other cards. Maybe the poorly illustrated ones should just be removed from the exercise, and not be considered at all... It will be interesting to see what your final choices are!