Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hils/Firefrost 2009 Animal Guides

Hey there!
Your "Animals" for 2009 are both mythical creatures really. We have Gryphon and Dragon. Ok... I know Gryphon isn't a bird but it does fly... still on the flight kick for me I see.
This will be a little different just because these aren't animals you are going to be able to see in nature or at a zoo. However, there are tons of books with pictures, statues, stuffed animals, etc. of a lot of mythical beings. Especially Dragons.
Let's start with Dragon. There are many types of Dragons... but let's look at "Western/European" and "Eastern/Asian" differences. European ideas are that dragons are something powerful, evil, something that needs to be dominated and many times killed. They have large wings, breathe fire, all that is Powerful. Eastern ideas are different are different. They are spiritual, beings who are celebrated and part of celebrations, good fortune, and power. They are revered. Both are about freedom, power, majesty.
So which Dragon are You, or which do you need to learn from? Both. Look at these more and learn about the many aspects. In Asian culture there are many specific dragons in legend with lots of different symbolism.
Book meanings for Dragon: vitality, abundance, might, arrogance, majesty.
Next we have Gryphon. Again, a creature who flies. In this picture notice the book under his claw/paw? Also the stone arch that leads into a black unknown? He is a keeper of Knowledge. There is much of this to learn for you this year. We aren't talking normal facts and figures kind of stuff... we're talking deep, mysterious, seriously hidden wisdom that not a lot of people know. He is also an animal of great power. A combination of lion and eagle... such royal, regal creatures. All of your creatures are actually. Also the aspect of him guarding the knowledge... so guardianship is something else for you to work with.
Book meanings for Gryphon: Guardianship, Perceptiveness, Vehemence, Sophistication.
VERY powerful and serious, deep animals. Profound maybe is a good word. Will be an interesting year.


  1. I think I might put this deck on my wish list..

    Neat to have mythic creatures for your 2009 cards.

  2. Wow, not one but two mythical creatures! A magical year, perhaps? And aren't the colors wonderful?

    This deck went straight to my wish list after seeing a few readings on this blog.

  3. I have one mythical creature in my totem for the year. I wasn't sure how I felt about that in an "animal" reading or deck... but I'm starting to be really cool with it. Also this deck has 3 or 4 extinct animals.

  4. I'll go with the Eastern/Asian attitude to dragons every time. I love dragons, they are beautiful creatures. They are as gentle as they are powerful. Ever read any Mark Chadbourn, I wonder? Brothers and Sisters of Dragons? If man had thoughts as pure as these beings, the world would be a better place to live in.

    The Gryphon - yes, he has much to learn me. The Lion part of him came up in my COD today, I drew Strength again. I'd say that was a coincidence but I don't believe in those!

    I feel priveledged to have had two such wise creatures as these present themselves as my totem animals and I'll certainly look forward to a year of working with them.

    Lovely reading. Hmmm...I hope this keeps up. That's two days I've had now where others have given me a 'feel good' factor.

    You'll understand now why I told you to go with the mythical ones you drew :)

    Thank you!

  5. Haven't read those books, but will look them up. Silly as it sounds... when I pull Dragon... I always think of playing Dungeons and Dragons. I miss that actually. Some dragons were good however, not just evil. Oh... something dragons do in legend and gaming is they horde their stuff. They are collectors... of valuables, but especially knowledge. I guess you have permission to be a pack rat. LOL. Plus this actually fits perfectly with the knowledge/guardianship message of Gryphon.
    I love how I can come back and see more.