Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Animal Guide reading...

Obviously using the Pathfinder's Cards...
First card: Zebra... I like this one. The book discusses community, because it's a herd animal, Service, Diplomacy, and Individuality. I guess I see individuality more as uniqueness, vs. being an individual as in not part of a group.
Next: Dolphin... book meanings here are intelligence, family, community, compassion and journeying. Agree with this... notice "community" has shown up twice.
Sphinx is the next card. Not sure how I feel about a mythical being as a "animal" for the year. BOok discusses cunning, strength, guardianship, versatility. I also know they can be not very nice being... at least according to the one Greek myth.
Lastly I drew Boar... I see boar generally as stubborn and very earthy based on Chinese zodiac stuff. The book on this one says: Prosperity, Strength, Fearlessness and Healing.
In general I think these are good animals for the year.
Would love to hear some other takes on meanings. I'll go into studying each animal in more depth. Briefly I did a search for "X" Symbolism and found TONS of links for Dolphin and Boar. Very little for the other two. I do however have a African Animal Deck I ordered from an artist in South Africa that has Zebra in it also. I will need to look at her interpretation too. I honestly know nobody else that has this deck. It's beautiful and I think I got it for $35. I think it's $50 now, but worth it.
Well... until next time.


  1. I also have the Pathfinders deck and love it. And I've also drawn the Sphinx a couple of times. I've always liked drawing the Sphinx. I see her as "mysteries unknown". An "animal" to show and help me understand the unknown. To help me be cunning and strong. I also see her as a guardian for me when she shows up. A protector of sorts. I would love to have the Sphinx as an "animal" to be with me for the year.

  2. I love the line of inquiry: "Not sure how I feel about a mythical being as a 'animal' for the year."
    Makes me grateful I came here to read. Keep it up!

  3. Good way to look at Sphinx Roxanne! Thanks.
    Glad I am entertaining in my blogs Karl.