Saturday, January 17, 2009

Card Counting

No, not how to count cards in poket... though my father can do that actually. This is about how many BIRD/Flying creature cards are in this deck. I have come up with birds, birds, and more birds, in readings here and other places. Of all the readings I've done with this deck 47% of the cards drawn were birds/flying animals/flying & land animals. Since the 14th of January... the percentage is up to 65%
83 cards total in the deck:
16 birds/flying animal (ie butterfly) (some can't fly and are more aquatic (Penguin)... but they still have a bird/flight quality. That is 19%. So quite a lot of bird readings for a deck that isn't even 1/5 birds.
Now I'm begining to wonder... why? Is it a message for ME, or a message for society in general, people studying tarot/oracle, more "spiritual" people... what???
So what do birds/flying critters mean... well air-type, so communication, logic, freedom, connection to spirit, independence, letting go... lots more I'm sure, but this is what comes to my mind first.
Just to finish my thought about deck percentages.
5 cards I consider to be both flying and land... ie Gryphon. So even if we add that to the 16 we have 21 out of 83 = 25%. So 1/4 of the deck.
Water based animals: 10, so 12%. I could up this percentage if we but water/land animals here like say Penguin (also a bird though).
Land based animals: 52, with a whopping 63% of the deck.
Again... what is up with at the creatures who fly or have wings. So bizarre!! Anyone else notice an statistically wrong patterns? Like tons of Swords lately or something??
Really wondering if this is going to continue.
The reading I post after this for Firefrost/Hils has already been counted in this rant. I counted both of hers as land/flying creatures so they counted in my numbers of "birds" in the first paragraph.


  1. I'm looking forward to my reading.

    Funnily enough, I'm an airsign and there's one particular bird that I'm convinced is a Totem animal and I was going to see if it showed itself in my reading. Obviously it isn't, as we've already discussed!

    Just thought I'd tell you of a connection here!

  2. I have this happen with swords, so I see it as "my suit." It is liberating not being afraid of something.

  3. I have a sword problem.. I am really tired of them..never a good thing in my readings..Or yet it could just be me reading it wrong.