Thursday, January 22, 2009

Animal Totems for Sinduction

Hi Sin! Here are your Animal Guides/Teachers/Comforters for 2009.
You have Kangaroo and Thylacine. Honestly I've never heard of a Thylacine so "reading" this card intuitively will be interesting with pretty much nothing to draw on. Ok.. let's get started with it then. I am wondering if this animal is extinct? The skull makes me wonder this... or if it's close anyway. If so... it makes me think about Conservation and Attentiveness. Don't let something go to far that it is unrecoverable. Savor what you have and make it better. Also if it's on the brink or extinct that seems to give me an idea of secrecy and hidden knowledge. Looks like this will be a critter to really try to research. This animal looks like a dog/dingo and tiger combination. Power and passion, but with a teamwork, pack animal aspect. I think the message is don't face things by yourself, but KNOW that you have power and courage within yourself. You also need to find things to be passionate about to come out of your shell and to want to be with others.
On to Kangaroo... they are Multi-taskers. They can have a baby in the womb, one in the pouch, and one hopping along next to them. They must have patience for this too. They also have hidden talents. They can use that big tail as a balance and kick really well... might not see that coming. Therefore I think they are tougher than you originally think. The background is not what I expect in a way... I think more deserty climate for them than forest, but I could be wrong. I gather this shows they can adapt.
Let's look at book meanings...
Thalycine: Knowledge, omni-prevalence, secrecy, acceptance. Two notes from the reading... it's a marsupial also like Kangaroo. And it's declared extinct but there are lots of reported sightings... so, real or ghost/spirit animal... that is the question?
Kangaroo: Progress, Focus, Elusiveness, swiftness.
Don't forget if you want to look up the rest just go to the Pathfinder link on the side on the right then find the Downloads and you can get the book.
Looking forward to your comments. Oh... and good luck with house-hunting. :)


  1. Hello! I'm Minnie. I just started following your blog and I think it's wonderful. I was wondering if you could briefly fill me in on what the cards are and how it all works. Thank you!

  2. Most of us (me and the followers) are members of a tarot/oracle website forum. This is part of one of the deck study groups.
    The link is here:

  3. The thylacine is the Tasmanian tiger. How very sad that humans killed it off in the 20th century. What an amazing creature it must have been -- a marsupial AND a predator. I hope that when scientists figure out how to reconstruct extinct animals from DNA, they'll be able to bring back the thylacine.

    Interesting that Sinduction got two animals from Down Under. And while they're both marsupials, one is so common it's considered a pest (by farmers at least), while the other one is extinct and something of a mystery. I wonder if there's any significance to that.

  4. (And on a totally irrelevant note -- The word verification for my previous comment was "wings." Your blog is crying out for more flying creatures, souljourney.)

  5. What you said about not facing things alone but knowing I have the courage, that really hit home. That's where I am right now. I find it funny that the one card has a skull on it, as I'm skull crazy! I've never heard of that thylacine before so now I want to go learn all about them. I hope the kangaroo isn't saying anything about babies for me this year!

    I'm interested to see how this comes about during the year. I will definitely be mindful of it now.

    As things become clearer, I will be sure to update you. I was also intrigued by what pangolin said about one being a pest and the other a mystery. If you follow my blog, you know it revolves mostly around the fight to rid myself of anxiety so maybe that is fitting for that. I think this is the year I will be getting some answers as my family is behind me now helping me to find and finance a "cure."

    Thank you for the reading, it's so interesting.

  6. I actually had the Thalycine as one of my least favorite cards in the deck. Now I don't know why. I think as I learn about each animal I find the beauty in them all. Such as the cockroach... it's message is great. Just like your animals. I don't get any sense of babies but be careful just in case. LOL.
    Will be looking forward to the updates. And yep... I do follow your blog.