Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pangolin's Animal Guide for 2009

Hey Pangolin! Sorry it took so long to get your post up.
You get three animals. Tiger just popped out while shuffling. Oh... just a note, maybe my bird/flying phase is on hold. LOL.
Lets look at Tiger first since he really wanted to show up. I love this Tiger card. It shows both the orange and white tigers, one as a reflection almost. Tiger has passion, energy, strength (in a strong, silent type of way). Something this year will really get you going. Being passionate about something/someone/everything/anything is going to be a great lesson for you and really help you with something. You don't need to be full of spastic energy about it, but a calm consistent energy. Notice also the pink water flower (lotus perhaps?). I think there is something to note about a softness to the tiger. They don't really kill just because.. it has a purpose.
Wild Dog is a really need card. I love the pattern on the dogs. It looks so random and Fun. Wild dogs are about Teamwork. They work together really well. This reminds you to do just that but also it doesn't have to be in a perfectly planned way. There is something to be learned about "thinking outside the box" from these guys.
Opposum is your last animal. Opposum eat on our porch every night. They are masters of cleverness and strategy. They "play dead" to avoid attack. This also a practical approach. Everything they do... being out at night, hanging high up, carrying slower babies on their backs is about practical strategy. Also being smart and clever.
I am wondering if you have some new business venture or career change happening. All these animals would be fabulous for that. These are great Animal Guides for the year. I hope you learn much from them. j
Book meanings:
Tiger: Passion, fire, energy, forcefulness
Wild Dog: Teamwork, Success, Family, Sharing
Opposum: Practicality, deceptiveness, strategy, appearances
On a personal note, Tiger and Wild Dog were in my Deck Interview reading...

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  1. What? Nothing with wings? I broke your streak; I don't know if I should feel bad or not. :)

    So tiger pushed himself into the reading. That's nice. I have an orange tabby cat, my good buddy for 15 years, who sometimes has the EXACT expression on his face that the orange tiger does. I do identify with the passion and determination of the tiger. It's something that's usually under the surface; maybe this card says it's time for it to show itself more?

    I like that you pointed out the lotus flower in the water... it makes me think that the passion may be focused toward the spiritual side of my life, which is consistent with how things are going for me now.

    Wild dogs are so active, so full of energy, that maybe tiger’s calmness is there to balance them. Now, I have to admit: I am afraid of wild dogs. How can I be afraid of an animal I will never encounter in real life? Well, many years ago I saw footage of a pack taking down an animal (I'll spare you the details), and it pretty much freaked me out. I can acknowledge all the cool things about wild dogs -- their markings, their amazing community life, their intelligence, the fact that they always seem to be high energy and enjoying life -- but they still scare me.

    So, maybe I need to learn to accept the good things they represent? Being energetic, having fun, teamwork -- well, there’s certainly room for A LOT more of that in my life. And you mention ‘thinking outside the box’ -- I can be open to that too. Still scared of the dogs. But I think I can embrace what they represent.

    Whew! On to the possum -- not scary at all, thank goodness! You mention the ways in which they’re clever and resourceful. That’s true, and I’d been wrongly thinking of them as kind of slow-witted -- not fair, they’re a species that’s been around for a long, long time -- here’s a quote: “Sometimes called "a living fossil" because it has survived virtually unchanged for at least 50 million years.” So clearly the opposum knows what it’s doing.

    You ask if I have a new business venture... I don’t have anything planned at this time, but then the year is young. I am working on a novel, and there’s certainly need for passion, cleverness, and thinking outside the box in that process. And there’s one other thing I have a lot of passion for, that’s close to my heart, that I would love to see blossom into a vocation... so I’ll keep my eyes open for opportunities to pursue that.

    Thank you very much, souljourney! These animals really made me think, & I’m sure I’ll continue processing them in the days ahead. And it is interesting that two of them showed up in your deck interview, isn’t it.