Friday, January 16, 2009

Reading for Manda and some info for everyone.

Hi Everyone...
I'll start of by giving my impressions intuitively and then put in the book meanings at the end. Feel free to look at the rest of what the book says... click on the link to Pathfinders and from there go to downloads and you can get the book there. This will be the same format for all the readings.

Now for Manda's Reading.
Your 2009 Animals are Eagle and Puffin. This Eagle picture was difficult because it was so barren of background. You see the Eagles coming out of the blackness. Eagle has always meant strength and vision (as in visionary) to me. They are coming out of darkness to see everything. They has or are surviving something... and actually Eagles are a protected species. This will be a year of having or needing strength, and you have great help. You has some visions for you life that you will be taking steps towards this year, possibly in a spiritual or self-discovery realm. Next is Puffin. Puffins are so neat to me. Don't know much about them. I know they are an aquatic bird, as shown by the background here too. I'm not sure if they fly or not honestly. Two things stood out to me. First, the RED beak of the bird. It's the first thing noticed. The rest of the bird is black & white. You "lead with your mouth" so to speak. Speak your mind, communicate. I don't think it necessarily has to be spoken, it could be written... but get your thoughts and emotions out there. Second, the fish around the border. Puffin is a big fish eater... maybe you should be too. Lots of good nutritive value in fish, Omega-3's for example.
I noticed both of your animals are birds... though one is more aquatic. I always see air as freedom, communication, logic. There is the water let us know not to forget your emotions and to communicate those. Both are looking left, so don't forget the past... and what has led you to this point.

Ok... now the book meanings.
Eagle: Strength, Divinity, Vision, Balance, Courage
Puffin: Impulsiveness, Fidelity, Boldness

Seems I might have been a bit "off" from the book anyway, on Puffin. Boldness is communicating however seems to fit.
Please read the books stories and look the animals up for yourself.
Look forward to feedback. Just leave a comment.


  1. That is amazing! Bravo!

    This year will be a whole lot of change for me, and I have undertaken a great transformation, some of it purposefully, and some will just be a byproduct of the other changes. I am trying to get the courage up to completely change my career, and am in school towards that aim.

    I am still adjusting to being divorced, and the divorce is unfortunately a contentious one. I'm half Indian, as in Native American, so I was just THRILLED to see the eagle.

    I have a terrible habit of saying "yes" when I shoulda said "no", and it gets me in trouble all the time. I eat no flesh at all, except for the fact that I have a fierce sushi addiction, so about once a month I have fish. I have felt the call to change my diet, and am in the process of eliminating all processed and "junk" food.

    This reading was such a gift, and I will be sure to pop back in when (not if) I think of something relevant, because you deserve to know how spot on you were! Thank you so much! There are no words...

  2. Can I comment, not being the recipient of the reading? (If not, you can just disapprove my comment, so it'll all work out.) I think your interpretations have a resonance the book lacks. That's as it should be, I guess; the book can only be a static, limited reference point, and you bring all the "juice" to the reading. It looks like you were right on target with the eagle interpretation; the book added an extra dimension to your thoughts on the puffin. I loved your remarks about "leading with the mouth," and look forward to seeing what Manda has to say on that.

    Initially I was struck by how all the birds are facing left -- to the past, as you said. I thought it might mean that now is the time/opportunity to assimilate the lessons of the past; to reap the wisdom of the past, so to speak. The eye markings on the puffin make him look like he's mulling things over, figuring things out.

  3. Pangolin... feel free to comment always! Different books have different meanings and some animals you can't find a lot of info on. I am actually making my own "animal journal" with MY meanings. It incorporates what strikes me about each animal. I look at "book" meanings out of several decks, lore, legend, but also the animal in nature. How does that animal actually live and relate to the rest of it's environment and other creatures. This will be a long process, but feel like this study is really helping me.

    Manda, might I suggest looking up some properties of fish according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fish is very Yin (female energy) and I believe related to the element of Earth and the Stomach and Spleen meridians. This is the element of the student according to some... lots of worry. Also deals with digestion, diabetes, etc. Spleen is likely actually the Pancreas in its function, etc.