Friday, January 16, 2009

Neurotic Mom's Reading

Your Animals for 2009, to help teach and guide you are:
Owl and Eagle. Eagle again appears. And more birds... lots of birds in my readings lately. Need to ponder this. I'm going to count the percentage of land/air/sea animals in this deck to look at the odds of pulling so many birds.
Anyway... to your animals.
Owl... major Wisdom here. This bird is one of survival and focus. When other birds sleep this is when Owl hunts and has a fertile hunting ground due to this. In Celtic myth Owl is one of the 5 oldest animals so there is a lot of wisdom to learn from, not just knowledge but experience. Owl also tells you to look to what is hidden and no easily seen or heard. Hidden Meaning, Senses are another message. Is there someone to act as a mentor to you? Your other animal is Eagle, Strength is very much here for you. Vision to see what you want and where you need and want to go. Eagle is a contrast to Owl in that it is a day creature. You have 24 hour protection and guidance. Eagle is looking at the Owl card. It seems to be saying use your Strength and Vision only after you have taken the time to truly examine your thoughts and possible actions.
There is so much myth and lore surrounding both of these animals I'm sure they will keep you busy this year. Looking forward to your comments.


  1. wow i will have to take time to ponder this, this is the first time for this kind of reading.

    No i don't have a mentor. I am aware of the senses but haven't learned to use them.

  2. Look at all the birds! And they're all raptors, all predators, all top-of-the-food-chain. Their tools are their talons and beaks -- for seizing and devouring. That makes me think of "seize the day" -- live life intensely, experiencing all the energy and blessings and nourishment it offers.

    These are such powerful animals, with extraordinary gifts of vision and (in the case of the owls) hearing. Surely a great pair of cards to be dealt.

    Souljourney, I think I'm falling in love with your deck. :)