Friday, January 1, 2010

2010... Readings With Pathfinders

As you all know I pooped out on the PDR study in March. I did still do some readings, etc. but most of my focus was on my business.

I am tempted to do the deck study with this deck yet again. Why? Well last night I did Animal Totem Readings for the New Year at a Blue Moon/New Years Celebration & Ritual. It was AMAZING... the only problem is that I need to look at my cheat sheet a bit. I was not planning to read but some friends asked so I did theirs... and the line just formed. I did tell everyone that I was slightly unfamiliar with some of the cards and might need to "cheat". I would look at the keywords, and that was enough to get rolling. I hated having to do that however. I want to do more events again. It was great... amazing readings and feedback. I want to be able to know the cards better before doing an event or public readings again.

I might just start up a new blog of tarot/oracle/other divination stuff for the year... not really sure. Still would like to really work with the Fey, Tarot of Dreams and Legacy of the Divine... where to start...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Didn't keep up obviosly...

Well... the year is done almost and I sure didn't keep up with this like I thought... I did however continue to use the deck and still love it. It's one of my favorites.

I did work with the totem animals I pulled at the begining of 2009 throughout the year. That was much better than the "card a month" type of New Years reading... those never get looked at past March.

Better luck with the next deck study... I will always intertwine animals into anything I do... still my favorite type of deck.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reading for In-Laws Cat... really sick

Well... I just felt the need to do a reading on my in-laws cat. My wife's parents have a cat, Monty who is around 12-13 years old. He is really sick with liver issues. Long story... probably not handled the best from the beginning.
The situation is somewhat at a crossroads. Either way I feel the outcome is very uncertain. I would love input here!
Anyway... I used the World Spirit tarot for this reading... will need to post pics later.

Situation: Sibyl of Swords... In some ways the situation is cold and harsh... just like the winter on this card. Traditionally this is a somewhat sad card, or someone who has been through a painful experience. This is definitely what's happening. This card also shows the whole situation needs to be handled with logic, clear communication, and clarity.

Option 1 Advice: Seer of Pentacles... This card is about research, learning, but also about trusting one's intuition. I feel like that is key here. I'm not sure Monty's "parents" are doing that. Is this option one that is more doing something just to be doing something? Does the doctor just want some more money from this case?
Option 1 Outcome: Seven of Cups... This card speaks to me of illusion. I've always equated 7 of Cups with illusion. Something that is a pipe dream... that rarely, if every works out the way someone wants. Is the doctor just selling them a "pie in the sky" type of thing. The other thought is options... which doesn't really serve as an outcome.

Option 2 Advice: Ten of Wands... this would be a hard road, very frustrating. Burdened and not seeing how they would come through it. If feel this card also signifies hard work however. Treating a cat is never really pleasant. And Monty sure won't like it much, but it's not the worst thing... it can be handled especially with an outlook change.
Option 2 Outcome: 12 The Hanged Man... the outcome here is either up to Monty, or it's already out of everyone's hands but the Universe. In effect it would be out of human hands in general either way even if the humans treat him accordingly.
Well... then I decided to look at the bottom card on the deck: Five of Swords... loss, sadness, defeat. I gather this is the final outcome regardless. Generally I take this card to be the hidden or factor that has to be addressed in some way... well... :(

Ok... I'm just feeling that option 1 is kind of BS, especially taking into account the major expense. And option 2 is more a "it will be what will be" type of thing. I guess I'd go with option 2 considering the whole picture, including that bottom card.
If you want more info let me know... please feel free to comment, question, etc.

Been gone a while!

Wow, I had no idea it had been so long I posted a reading! Ooops!
I will try to get something up in the next couple of days.
I have been so busy and it's been so crazy. I have used a few other deck for different things too.
I think the next reading is going to be about my MIL's cat. He has a really bad liver disease and is super sick.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Card for the Day

I drew a card this morning (2/17/09)... just didn't have time to post it. I drew the King of Pentacles. All I could think of is that I was going to bring to bring a bear a gift. Um... well I kinda think of my gf as a bear... sometimes cuddly, sometimes grouchy. In this picture it almost looks like the bear is wanting to go someplace else. Well... this morning she did want to go back to sleep because she was up earlier than usual.
Interestingly enough I got a package at work that contained a couple items for my gf. So... I guess my initial reading was right.
Ok... lets see what a King of Pentacles really means. Well it can mean things about favorable ventures, good bargains, generosity. We went to our new Meetup group sponsor store and she was generous with what she gave us to give as a door prize. So I think all of that ended up accurate. Plus some items we have on eBay are doing really well.
Nice card for the day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reading with Friends

Last night I got together with my gf, Faunabay, and two other friends barely starting tarot. We had a bunch of different decks out and everyone picked their favorite and least favorite cards out of a couple different decks.
Then each person explained why they liked/disliked the cards and we all discussed that, and then tried to figure out the opposite of the card (what's the positive message about the least favorite, and what could be negative about the favorite)
The results with the 2 newbies were uncanny. Fit their life situations amazingly perfectly. Almost scarily so. Especially the 13 year old daughter. In 2 different decks she picked the 9 of Swords (worry), and other cards related to protection and defending herself. Her mom also had some amazingly accurate picks as far as situation plus exactly what to do about them.
Does anyone every do any kind of free form sort of group reading/discussions? These were really interesting.
Consciously picking cards face up, purely based on the pictures alone was pretty amazing. We all actually got some neat stuff based on doing just that. I think the key was not to let knowledge of meanings get in the way.
The oracles used were neat because you didn't have an inital set of meanings to ignore (sort of like the newbie tarot readers. Both Faunabay & my gf picked a card in the Spirit of the Wheel deck that went with their birth moon unknowingly. Kind of interesting.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Please VOTE in my deck poll...

I've just posted a poll to see deck would you all would rather I blog about. I will be using both of them anyway.
Seemed like everyone really was enjoying the animals and I sort of wanted to move to a tarot deck for a bit. However, I have plenty of other tarot decks that would love some attention. :D
Let me know what you think... if you want to see what I own you can look at my profile on AT and make a suggestion.
Thanks everyone for playing!!!!