Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Card for the Day

I drew a card this morning (2/17/09)... just didn't have time to post it. I drew the King of Pentacles. All I could think of is that I was going to bring to bring a bear a gift. Um... well I kinda think of my gf as a bear... sometimes cuddly, sometimes grouchy. In this picture it almost looks like the bear is wanting to go someplace else. Well... this morning she did want to go back to sleep because she was up earlier than usual.
Interestingly enough I got a package at work that contained a couple items for my gf. So... I guess my initial reading was right.
Ok... lets see what a King of Pentacles really means. Well it can mean things about favorable ventures, good bargains, generosity. We went to our new Meetup group sponsor store and she was generous with what she gave us to give as a door prize. So I think all of that ended up accurate. Plus some items we have on eBay are doing really well.
Nice card for the day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reading with Friends

Last night I got together with my gf, Faunabay, and two other friends barely starting tarot. We had a bunch of different decks out and everyone picked their favorite and least favorite cards out of a couple different decks.
Then each person explained why they liked/disliked the cards and we all discussed that, and then tried to figure out the opposite of the card (what's the positive message about the least favorite, and what could be negative about the favorite)
The results with the 2 newbies were uncanny. Fit their life situations amazingly perfectly. Almost scarily so. Especially the 13 year old daughter. In 2 different decks she picked the 9 of Swords (worry), and other cards related to protection and defending herself. Her mom also had some amazingly accurate picks as far as situation plus exactly what to do about them.
Does anyone every do any kind of free form sort of group reading/discussions? These were really interesting.
Consciously picking cards face up, purely based on the pictures alone was pretty amazing. We all actually got some neat stuff based on doing just that. I think the key was not to let knowledge of meanings get in the way.
The oracles used were neat because you didn't have an inital set of meanings to ignore (sort of like the newbie tarot readers. Both Faunabay & my gf picked a card in the Spirit of the Wheel deck that went with their birth moon unknowingly. Kind of interesting.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Please VOTE in my deck poll...

I've just posted a poll to see deck would you all would rather I blog about. I will be using both of them anyway.
Seemed like everyone really was enjoying the animals and I sort of wanted to move to a tarot deck for a bit. However, I have plenty of other tarot decks that would love some attention. :D
Let me know what you think... if you want to see what I own you can look at my profile on AT and make a suggestion.
Thanks everyone for playing!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wed. Daily Draw update

I don't usually do a daily draw, but I did for yesterday and in the "Comments" section I made note of how the day actually went.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daily Draw

Tonight I did a 3 card draw for tomorrow using the Faerie Tarot.
The positions are: Self, Vibrations for Work, Vibrations for rest of day.
Me... I'm a Fool. I guess I just sort of go with the flow. I have my companion with me (I will have my gf with me for all but 5 hours of work). I absolutely love the mouse in this card. I do feel like the Fool in a way, as I'm not really sure what is transpiring tomorrow after work. We might go help a friend, but I'm not sure how or with what. I think being open is good.
The Knight of Cups to represent work. Well Knights are about action, so I suspect I'll be busy. Which is true. I have several packages to get out. One for work that has been driving me nuts (emotional involvement). I can't figure out how to send something to the UK with enough insurance. I'm going to try UPS tomorrow. Also I am sending a couple other parcels out to friends from AT. So there is an emotional tie there as well. The horse and rider in this look really relaxed, and almost passive. Again... it's action with emotion, but not frantic. Good.
After work we have the Hanged Man... hmmm... WEll he is reaching for the berry, but that bird is really looking at it too. Sort of like who's gonna get it first. Well... I don't know what I'm trying to get. Do I even want it? Is someone else going to outsmart me? Probably. Honestly with what we are doing I'm not going to be in the lead position and that is OK. The book meaning here is about waiting, and acceptance of events.
Ok, I'll just "go with the flow". Seems from the Fool I'm all about that energy tomorrow anyway.
I'm seeming to really get into this deck. I'll be doing some exchanges with it, so we'll see how it goes.
I might have to get her other decks too...

Monday, February 9, 2009

A small deviation

Hey everyone... been a while since I posted. I've felt like I need to get back to a Tarot deck a bit, since we are starting the Tarot & Oracle Meetup. Most people tend to focus on Tarot.
I get a new deck yesterday so thought I'd post with it here. I got the Nathalie Hertz Faerie Tarot.

For this post I did the Favorite & Least Favorite exercise. Briefly... pick Favorite card... look at it in a negative way, & pick Least Favorite card and look at it in a positive way.
Lets start with the Least Favorite card: 10 of Wands. I really have a hard time with the faces and the body shape of these faeries. They seem so odd... I couldn't get over it. The best light we can look at with this card is actually pretty nice however... the couple seems happy. 10 of Wands is normally a card of burdens, but this seems to show how togetherness and attitude can make all the difference when there is a lot of work to be done (looks like gardening in this case). Also I see that even though they look so odd, someone obviously loves them so go past initial impressions. Interestingly my girlfriend really wants to start a garden this spring. I'm not much into that... but I certainly will enjoy eating the fresh food (especially tomatoes... can't get enough). So I'm going to take this message literally and really try to help with this and try to enjoy the togetherness of it, even though it is hard work, and somewhat a "burden". In the book the "positive" messages are: Problems solved soon, professional success, positive renewal.

Now for my Favorite card: 7 of Wands. What I like about this card is the face and body shape of the faerie. I love the color of the clothes and size/shape of the wings. There is something about the look on her face... the angularity of it that I like about Hertz' other decks. She also looks really determined. Ok... so lets look at this card in a more negative way. She looks really stubborn also. Stubborn is usually bad in my world. There is also a rash, and hastiness about the movement. Definitely need not to rush into things without looking first... but not to the point I stall or procrastinate. Interestly the "negative" meanings in the book lists doubts, indescision, and uncertainties as meanings... well... I need to definately be aware of these... I do this.

I think both of these cards in there "opposite" way have really good messages for me. I think I might really like this deck.
In my initial piles of like and dislike I had very few cards I didn't like... the Pages in general and maybe one other, but none nearly as much as the 10 of Wands. The pile of cards I liked was much bigger. Had a hard time narrowing it down. I also really liked the Queen of Swords, 5 of Pents, Death, and Strength.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tarot Meetup Reading

Well it's been a while since I did a PDR reading, so this fits right in. I'm using the same spread as Faunabay did for her Meetup reading. We, along with my girlfriend, decided to start a Tarot & Oracle Meetup group.
The first card is "what should we watch out for". Walrus/Seal is the card. There is one walrus "above" the others. Maybe a warning to make it not a class, or let someone dominate the discussion. There usually is a strong "alpha" in a group of these animals. The book says Walrus/Seal stands for imagination, creativity, and dreaming. Well... we need to make sure we don't get too crazy, or day dream.
Second card is "what should we focus on". Cheetah is the card. I really love this card, it's just beautiful to me. I think with the sun and the calmness of the card, we should focus on the positive aspects of getting together. Just clear & calm about any "rules". Also try not to do too much or be to busy at each of the meetings. Book meanings are concentration, flexibility and resolve. These are all things that are perfect to focus on. Have flexibility to implement suggestions and not delay them too much.
The "overall" card is the Sabertooth Cat... um, extinct. That is what happened to the last Tarot meetup group in town. But the cat is with a kitten. This makes me think this is going to be something that we can nurture and it will grow. The book suggests meanings of Power, mystery, and humility. Tarot and oracles are "mysterious" and can be powerful so that fits.
I found something interesting... the first card is card number 1, and the last card is the last card in the deck, number 83. I'm taking this to mean we will accomplish our goals... however long that takes. We will also have the choice to end the group (or step down as organizer) if we want to, when we want to. I don't feel like I'm expressing this really clearly, but it seems complete, our own timing.