Friday, January 1, 2010

2010... Readings With Pathfinders

As you all know I pooped out on the PDR study in March. I did still do some readings, etc. but most of my focus was on my business.

I am tempted to do the deck study with this deck yet again. Why? Well last night I did Animal Totem Readings for the New Year at a Blue Moon/New Years Celebration & Ritual. It was AMAZING... the only problem is that I need to look at my cheat sheet a bit. I was not planning to read but some friends asked so I did theirs... and the line just formed. I did tell everyone that I was slightly unfamiliar with some of the cards and might need to "cheat". I would look at the keywords, and that was enough to get rolling. I hated having to do that however. I want to do more events again. It was great... amazing readings and feedback. I want to be able to know the cards better before doing an event or public readings again.

I might just start up a new blog of tarot/oracle/other divination stuff for the year... not really sure. Still would like to really work with the Fey, Tarot of Dreams and Legacy of the Divine... where to start...