Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tarot Meetup Reading

Well it's been a while since I did a PDR reading, so this fits right in. I'm using the same spread as Faunabay did for her Meetup reading. We, along with my girlfriend, decided to start a Tarot & Oracle Meetup group.
The first card is "what should we watch out for". Walrus/Seal is the card. There is one walrus "above" the others. Maybe a warning to make it not a class, or let someone dominate the discussion. There usually is a strong "alpha" in a group of these animals. The book says Walrus/Seal stands for imagination, creativity, and dreaming. Well... we need to make sure we don't get too crazy, or day dream.
Second card is "what should we focus on". Cheetah is the card. I really love this card, it's just beautiful to me. I think with the sun and the calmness of the card, we should focus on the positive aspects of getting together. Just clear & calm about any "rules". Also try not to do too much or be to busy at each of the meetings. Book meanings are concentration, flexibility and resolve. These are all things that are perfect to focus on. Have flexibility to implement suggestions and not delay them too much.
The "overall" card is the Sabertooth Cat... um, extinct. That is what happened to the last Tarot meetup group in town. But the cat is with a kitten. This makes me think this is going to be something that we can nurture and it will grow. The book suggests meanings of Power, mystery, and humility. Tarot and oracles are "mysterious" and can be powerful so that fits.
I found something interesting... the first card is card number 1, and the last card is the last card in the deck, number 83. I'm taking this to mean we will accomplish our goals... however long that takes. We will also have the choice to end the group (or step down as organizer) if we want to, when we want to. I don't feel like I'm expressing this really clearly, but it seems complete, our own timing.


  1. That Cheetah card is so beautiful. It really gives a good positive feeling about the project. It was interesting to see two readings about the same subject (yours and Faunabay's) with two such different decks.

  2. I just love this deck more and more every time share a reading.

  3. If you remember souljourney my favorite card (when I did the favorite/least favorite) was the Sabertooth Cat. I find it interesting to see it show up now as our outcome card. hmmm.....
    And I like what you said about the Walrus. Makes alot of sense to me. We should watch out for that.

  4. I agree, it's very nice to get to see 2 readings on the same subject.

    Interesting catch of the "1 to 83" -- you'll be playing with a full deck, so to speak. :P The Walrus card made me think immediately of how the bull walruses can get so enormous that when they waddle around on the beach, they can crush and kill the pups, completely oblivious. :( It sounds like you got a similar message out of it, to watch out for people who try to dominate the group.

    With the sabertooth cat (and kitten) as Overall, it looks like you may "give birth" to something strong and unique. (I love that card. Even the kitten has the big fangs showing already.)