Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Swimming Elephant?? for Faunabay

This post is in response to a comment by Faunabay about her reading... let's revisit... she got for her 2009 Animals Shark and Penguin. Somewhat at odds with each other in meaning and as animals in that Sharks eat Penguins. She asked for a card to help merge the two and/or for clarification.
OK... so I concentrated on another animal for the year that would help merge Shark and Penguin. May I present... Elephant. Yep, I know not big swimmers, but we are looking a more the animal's "medicine" I suppose.
Interestingly I believe this is the only black & white card in this entire deck. Like you can alter her message slightly by how you want to color the card. Elephants are another creature of Strength and power. These are fiercely Devoted animals, they actively help others in the herd if in need. Along with this Devotion is the fact their community is a Matriarchy. Really embrace your feminine energy. Elephants are more Compassionate than almost any other animal due to their devotion and helpfulness, they also actually cry and can mourn their dead. As we know "Elephants never forget"... they do posses an Ancient Wisdom also. I also see them oddly as being similar to whales... both big, powerful, hold ancient wisdom and communicate with other frequencies. Elephants communicate at such a low frequency we can't hear it, but it travel miles. This is how they can call to each other when in trouble, etc. Elephant is also very much about Prosperity... so much association with wealth, kings, and gods in India... think Ganesha.
How is Elephant going to help merge Penguin and Shark... I really think she's telling you to be powerful you don't have to be blunt or do it in a way that could be interpreted as vicious like Shark. Elephant seems to fit with Penguin better in aspects of family/group, etc. Pull out Shark when you need to really get something done with efficiency and precision. If you study Shark on its own, make sure you temper it with one of the others in the back of your mind.
Hope this helps... let me know what you think.


  1. FWIW: Strangely enough, elephants are terrific swimmers. They can cross deep water using their trunks like a snorkel.

  2. I do see Elephant as a blending of the two energies. And like pangolin I do remember that Elephants like water quite a bit. So that does apply in a roundabout way.

    But yes, Elephant is very powerful, but like you said without the seemingly viciousness of the shark. Elephant is very caring and very community/family oriented. before I'm going to have to sleep on this but I feel Elephant has a powerful message for me.