Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Animal Guides for Sherry

You get 3 Animals to help guide, teach, and comfort you this year. I drew 2 of them, the other flipped out of the deck. The 2 I drew were Wolf and Cockroach... yep... Cockroach. The first time I looked through this deck I thought... "you have got to be kidding me, a roach is an animal in my deck, ick."
Well... let's look at this amazing critter a little more closely. Survivor, adaptable, scavenger, resourceful, opportunistic, prolific. These critters make due, quite effectively, with whatever they find. They are the ultimate re-cyclers. They are everywhere... in some species or another all over the world. There are some incredible messages and lessons from roaches and in my opinion some of the best messages for this economic time in our country. Really try to embrace him.
Next we have Wolf, a very common animal totem. This particular wolf card shows 2 wolves... the white one almost seems like a spirit wolf to me. This really indicates that they have a spiritual message not just a physical message. Loyalty, family, intuition, use of all of your senses, and journeying. Not just going places in the world, but being on a spiritual journey or personal growth. Similar to dogs, but not quite the same, I think wolves are an animal we can all easily feel close to. Almost comfortable or comforting in a way. I'm hoping you get a lot of support from your family and friends. I feel like a great sense of relaxation, relief and comfort is needed for you while you expand your horizons and really learn to use your intuition.
Swan happened to fly out of the deck... so I figured it wanted to be here. Swans are graceful and beautiful. They carry these messages. Look beneath outer appearances however... see what's really in a person's heart and soul.
Book meanings...
Roach: Adaptive, survival, observation, cleverness
Wolf: Pathfinder, freedom, camaraderie, decisiveness
Swan: Beauty, Grace, sensitivity, healing

Well... no mythical beings, but you did get an animal that will be around long after we are extinct.
Hope these animals help you throughout the year...


  1. I wanted to add... I see these animals for you generally really "down to earth", something really basic and not so esoteric. In contrast I think to Firefrost's reading for example.

  2. Who needs mythical beings? lol
    I am cool with the cockroach.

    Wow nice. I am definitely trying to expand my horizons and personal growth. Healing it home for me considering what is going on with my life mainly my marriage or soon to be divorce.

    BTW: I truly hate cockroaches but I will learn to embrace the one on the card. I live in Texas and they are HUGE never in my life have I seen them until I moved down here...

  3. About being frugal. I am very frugal already but I am sure I can improve.


  4. My theory is that the swan card jumped out of the deck in order to console Sherry for having gotten the cockroach. ;)

    I've been thinking, souljourney, about how your choice to draw 2 cards rather than one makes such a difference. One card is whatever it is. Two cards create opportunities to contrast and compare, to look for a common theme or two different perspectives on the same theme, to try to figure out WHY these two animals are showing up in each other's company. It's much richer than just "1 card + another card." I don't think I fully understood that until seeing it in action with this deck.

    And here there are three animals -- what do they have in common? (Assuming this is even a meaningful question to ask -- I don't know for sure that it is, but it's the way my mind wants to work.) Each animal is tough and strong in its own way. Wolves are strong as individuals, but their pack structure/community life is what really makes them formidable. Cockroaches have speed, tenacity and a remarkable survival instinct. Swans, graceful as they look, are surprisingly powerful: adults have been known to maim and even kill humans in defense of their nests.

    So, maybe there's a message about strength, about the ability to rely on one's strengths in different types of situations...

  5. Right on pangolin. They all are very social/pack creatures. This reading I think has different levels... a very physical down-to-earth quality with the roach, wolf has a more spiritual side, but not exclusively, and swan has a aesthetic side... a... dang the word... sort of middle ground between the two. Can't think of what I want to say exactly.