Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finding the Balance... Fav & Least Fav. pt. 2

If you haven't read pt. 1, please see that first... here:

I sort of did look at the animal and the picture for both of these. For favorite it was honestly more difficult. I really had several I really, really liked. Luckily for me some of my favorite animals, also were my favorite pictures so I didn't feel I had to really choose which criteria to pick.
I will admit the least favorite choice was more difficult. Do I automatically pick a bug because I can't stand them, or do I let art play more into it? Well... I really, really, really wanted to pick two cards here BUT I kept thinking about how "oh... this card is my least favorite, even though it's not a bug" so I went with it. Also not an aminal I am really a fan of... I know some people will love them however.

Favorite card is: TIGER. I think not only is the card itself lovely, but I'm such a cat person. . I love the way it shows both an orange and white tiger. The "reflection" is neat. I feel like tigers have 2 sides, the fiery, passionate side... but the quiet side of solitude and a quiet type of power until at the exact striking moment. Tigers can be so focused an look at the way both sets of eyes seem to look out of the card. The water and lotus make me think of a more spiritual and emotional side that isn't normally seen with the tiger.
So what am I supposed to learn: The negative aspects of Tiger are aloofness and unpredictability. I think at times I can appear aloof, probably not as much as I used to in personal life, but maybe in other areas still. As far as unpredictable... well I am a Gemini so we can go from on thing to the next. I agree I need to be more focused and grounded. Maybe the Buddhism & Meditation classes we start on Wednesday will help some of this.
On to my least favorite card: PRIMATE (apes & monkeys). Some people LOVE the monkeys and the apes at the zoo... you know I can bypass that area totally. I don't like nature shows about them or anything. I like the lemurs and tamarinds but that's about it. I have speculated this is because they seem human and/or baby-like. And I'm not a kid person. I don't go nuts when someone has a kid and just have to run and see it. I'm like that with kittens, puppies, and just about any other animal.... but not the primates. Weird. Also weird... my Chinese Zodiac sign: the Monkey. It seems just wrong in a way. Oh... and this card. HATE the dark background and the big black ape head that looks like a blob of dark ink. You have to get it in so much light to figure it out. Don't like the card design in general... it's all smushed together.
Ok... lets look at my lesson: The positive aspects of Primates are they are very family-oriented. This I am. The are very agile in both their physical ability and mental ability. I could use work in the physical strength/agility category for sure. Maybe this is saying get off my butt and join a gym or yoga class... well anything. I am taking more classes in my field and starting the class mentioned above so that will help the mind keep learning. Monkey/primates are great at observation. The first thing they do when they enter a new area is climb a tree and look all around in every direction before making a choice of home, etc. I need to observe more... shut up and watch and listen. Very good messages.

I think both these animals are good messages for me. Wondering if should incorporate them into the Totem animals I have for the year... I think I will. So much to learn, so much to do.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Come join me...

For those enjoying this blog...
If you own any animal deck at all, come join me here. An animal reading circle has begun!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Animal Totems for Sinduction

Hi Sin! Here are your Animal Guides/Teachers/Comforters for 2009.
You have Kangaroo and Thylacine. Honestly I've never heard of a Thylacine so "reading" this card intuitively will be interesting with pretty much nothing to draw on. Ok.. let's get started with it then. I am wondering if this animal is extinct? The skull makes me wonder this... or if it's close anyway. If so... it makes me think about Conservation and Attentiveness. Don't let something go to far that it is unrecoverable. Savor what you have and make it better. Also if it's on the brink or extinct that seems to give me an idea of secrecy and hidden knowledge. Looks like this will be a critter to really try to research. This animal looks like a dog/dingo and tiger combination. Power and passion, but with a teamwork, pack animal aspect. I think the message is don't face things by yourself, but KNOW that you have power and courage within yourself. You also need to find things to be passionate about to come out of your shell and to want to be with others.
On to Kangaroo... they are Multi-taskers. They can have a baby in the womb, one in the pouch, and one hopping along next to them. They must have patience for this too. They also have hidden talents. They can use that big tail as a balance and kick really well... might not see that coming. Therefore I think they are tougher than you originally think. The background is not what I expect in a way... I think more deserty climate for them than forest, but I could be wrong. I gather this shows they can adapt.
Let's look at book meanings...
Thalycine: Knowledge, omni-prevalence, secrecy, acceptance. Two notes from the reading... it's a marsupial also like Kangaroo. And it's declared extinct but there are lots of reported sightings... so, real or ghost/spirit animal... that is the question?
Kangaroo: Progress, Focus, Elusiveness, swiftness.
Don't forget if you want to look up the rest just go to the Pathfinder link on the side on the right then find the Downloads and you can get the book.
Looking forward to your comments. Oh... and good luck with house-hunting. :)

Pangolin's Animal Guide for 2009

Hey Pangolin! Sorry it took so long to get your post up.
You get three animals. Tiger just popped out while shuffling. Oh... just a note, maybe my bird/flying phase is on hold. LOL.
Lets look at Tiger first since he really wanted to show up. I love this Tiger card. It shows both the orange and white tigers, one as a reflection almost. Tiger has passion, energy, strength (in a strong, silent type of way). Something this year will really get you going. Being passionate about something/someone/everything/anything is going to be a great lesson for you and really help you with something. You don't need to be full of spastic energy about it, but a calm consistent energy. Notice also the pink water flower (lotus perhaps?). I think there is something to note about a softness to the tiger. They don't really kill just because.. it has a purpose.
Wild Dog is a really need card. I love the pattern on the dogs. It looks so random and Fun. Wild dogs are about Teamwork. They work together really well. This reminds you to do just that but also it doesn't have to be in a perfectly planned way. There is something to be learned about "thinking outside the box" from these guys.
Opposum is your last animal. Opposum eat on our porch every night. They are masters of cleverness and strategy. They "play dead" to avoid attack. This also a practical approach. Everything they do... being out at night, hanging high up, carrying slower babies on their backs is about practical strategy. Also being smart and clever.
I am wondering if you have some new business venture or career change happening. All these animals would be fabulous for that. These are great Animal Guides for the year. I hope you learn much from them. j
Book meanings:
Tiger: Passion, fire, energy, forcefulness
Wild Dog: Teamwork, Success, Family, Sharing
Opposum: Practicality, deceptiveness, strategy, appearances
On a personal note, Tiger and Wild Dog were in my Deck Interview reading...

Finding the Balance... Fav and Least Fav Pt. 1

This exercise was used by Northern Tigress in her blog and evidently originally posted on AT by lunalafey
Here is lunalafey's comments about "Finding the Balance"
I got a new deck and one of the things I do with a new deck is play with it. Every 'game' I play is different. I never know what I'm going to do to get to know a new deck. With this new deck I started something that evolved into something more and unexpected.

I did not start out intending to do a reading, but upon study of the cards I found that what I came up with was a reflection of what I feel and face in this moment.

I call this "Balance the Moment" It seems that it is good for overall awareness & guidance for the here and now.

Step 1- Separating the deck
Without thinking or taking purposeful note of the card your viewing, look at the cards imagery. Are you liking it or disliking it. Make two piles, the like it pile and the don't like it pile.

Step 2- Reducing the piles
Choose 3-6 of the cards you like the best from the like it group, from those cards, carefully study each and choose the one that you are drawn to the most.
Choose 3-6 cards from the dislike pile that you like the least, again, study them carefully choosing the one you are liking the least of all.

Step 3- Finding the Balance
Take the card you liked the most and read it for it's negative aspects and associations. Reflect upon how it applies in life at this time.
Take the card disliked the most and read it with it's positive attributes and message. Apply it's wisdom in order to find what will bring balance.

If you give it a try, let me know how it worked for you. I'm curious about my 'accidental' reading being a 'fluke' or if I have stumbled upon something more solid.
So is the "shadow aspect" of the favorite card something that needs work? Do I need to learn something from my least favorite card.
This was more difficult, I feel, with this deck because am I liking or disliking the animal or the artwork? Well... some of both. My initial run through I had 10 cards of each. SO... the question at this point is which is more important in my choices? Someone give me opinions...

Ok... the narrowed down Lists.
LEAST FAVORITE: (first picture)

FAVORITE: (2nd picture)
Wild Dog

Please comment on the above question and then I'll narrow down further and finish. Thanks in advance to everyone following along.. :D

Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Animal Guides for Sherry

You get 3 Animals to help guide, teach, and comfort you this year. I drew 2 of them, the other flipped out of the deck. The 2 I drew were Wolf and Cockroach... yep... Cockroach. The first time I looked through this deck I thought... "you have got to be kidding me, a roach is an animal in my deck, ick."
Well... let's look at this amazing critter a little more closely. Survivor, adaptable, scavenger, resourceful, opportunistic, prolific. These critters make due, quite effectively, with whatever they find. They are the ultimate re-cyclers. They are everywhere... in some species or another all over the world. There are some incredible messages and lessons from roaches and in my opinion some of the best messages for this economic time in our country. Really try to embrace him.
Next we have Wolf, a very common animal totem. This particular wolf card shows 2 wolves... the white one almost seems like a spirit wolf to me. This really indicates that they have a spiritual message not just a physical message. Loyalty, family, intuition, use of all of your senses, and journeying. Not just going places in the world, but being on a spiritual journey or personal growth. Similar to dogs, but not quite the same, I think wolves are an animal we can all easily feel close to. Almost comfortable or comforting in a way. I'm hoping you get a lot of support from your family and friends. I feel like a great sense of relaxation, relief and comfort is needed for you while you expand your horizons and really learn to use your intuition.
Swan happened to fly out of the deck... so I figured it wanted to be here. Swans are graceful and beautiful. They carry these messages. Look beneath outer appearances however... see what's really in a person's heart and soul.
Book meanings...
Roach: Adaptive, survival, observation, cleverness
Wolf: Pathfinder, freedom, camaraderie, decisiveness
Swan: Beauty, Grace, sensitivity, healing

Well... no mythical beings, but you did get an animal that will be around long after we are extinct.
Hope these animals help you throughout the year...

Reading for Lizard Sale... the update.

Ok... we went to the show. Reading about "lessons learned" is at end of post... but please read it all if you have time.
Sold 3 babies. Still have 10 left... who's interested?? LOL.
Please reference the "Reading for Lizard Sale" blog entry before reading if you haven't...
Anyway, we did keep our standards otherwise we could have sold more.
While we were clear about communication, the fact we refused to sell to a couple people (breeder/pet shops), caused them to actually complain to the show organizer. "I didn't know you would have people here who wouldn't sell to breeders" was the complaint. And we somewhat turned down the organizer's inquiry at the beginning of the show. I don't think he realized that we were really not interested in selling an animal that would be alone, bored, bred to exhaustion (females anyway), not actually loved, etc. I sorta think he and his wife got a hair insulted; we talked with both towards the end of the show and got that impression. Not because we didn't sell to them (which we actually did offer (wouldn't pay the price however) at the end because their kids DO play with their animals actually) but because I think they didn't like being "lumped in that group". Whatever... we are not big time breeders... we likely won't let it happen again due to this very fact. They are living creatures with feelings... not a baby machine or to be kept in a tank of males that invariably fight and lose toes, tails, etc. What is came down to in a way was we held up a mirror to all these people and they didn't like what they saw about themselves, so they were po'd we pointed it out and made them face it with a real consequence. They are no different from the "puppy mill" people. Do I think we could have communicated better/differently... possibly. I think maybe we could have told the organizer this up front, but I'm sure the people we didn't sell too would have been peeved (especially one really rude guy... nasty vibes).
The teamwork, family aspects were right on. The community aspect was good... we actually met a couple very nice people and connected back up with a couple friends we hadn't seen since they moved away. The knowledge aspect was good. We really did know our stuff. One sale we were very happy to make I think was because of our knowledge. We also gained some new knowledge... learned the sexes of the babies. Also learned about roaches... yep, kinda icky, but super nutritious, actually clean, and tropical ones can't live in our climate if they escape. We sold quite a lot of the supplies we took also.
Patience was right on too. We will have to be patient to sell all these guys & gals.
So... finally to a READING... What was the lesson learned?
Giraffe is the lesson. Ok, well this card shows a mom giraffe watching over her baby. We sure did that. Also Giraffe literally means sometimes you have to stick you neck out and stand up for your beliefs. Far-sightedness is the main message I see from her. Looking at the book... also Meditation, Intuition. I think we did these things. The book says when discussing far-sightedness, "they are careful what they say and to whom". True to that. Generally I think we were... could have used some tweeking however.
Now to sell the rest of them to homes they will be loved as pets... even if bred once or twice, that's ok. We have an ad on craigslist and a couple vets are putting up posters.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Card Counting

No, not how to count cards in poket... though my father can do that actually. This is about how many BIRD/Flying creature cards are in this deck. I have come up with birds, birds, and more birds, in readings here and other places. Of all the readings I've done with this deck 47% of the cards drawn were birds/flying animals/flying & land animals. Since the 14th of January... the percentage is up to 65%
83 cards total in the deck:
16 birds/flying animal (ie butterfly) (some can't fly and are more aquatic (Penguin)... but they still have a bird/flight quality. That is 19%. So quite a lot of bird readings for a deck that isn't even 1/5 birds.
Now I'm begining to wonder... why? Is it a message for ME, or a message for society in general, people studying tarot/oracle, more "spiritual" people... what???
So what do birds/flying critters mean... well air-type, so communication, logic, freedom, connection to spirit, independence, letting go... lots more I'm sure, but this is what comes to my mind first.
Just to finish my thought about deck percentages.
5 cards I consider to be both flying and land... ie Gryphon. So even if we add that to the 16 we have 21 out of 83 = 25%. So 1/4 of the deck.
Water based animals: 10, so 12%. I could up this percentage if we but water/land animals here like say Penguin (also a bird though).
Land based animals: 52, with a whopping 63% of the deck.
Again... what is up with at the creatures who fly or have wings. So bizarre!! Anyone else notice an statistically wrong patterns? Like tons of Swords lately or something??
Really wondering if this is going to continue.
The reading I post after this for Firefrost/Hils has already been counted in this rant. I counted both of hers as land/flying creatures so they counted in my numbers of "birds" in the first paragraph.

Hils/Firefrost 2009 Animal Guides

Hey there!
Your "Animals" for 2009 are both mythical creatures really. We have Gryphon and Dragon. Ok... I know Gryphon isn't a bird but it does fly... still on the flight kick for me I see.
This will be a little different just because these aren't animals you are going to be able to see in nature or at a zoo. However, there are tons of books with pictures, statues, stuffed animals, etc. of a lot of mythical beings. Especially Dragons.
Let's start with Dragon. There are many types of Dragons... but let's look at "Western/European" and "Eastern/Asian" differences. European ideas are that dragons are something powerful, evil, something that needs to be dominated and many times killed. They have large wings, breathe fire, all that is Powerful. Eastern ideas are different are different. They are spiritual, beings who are celebrated and part of celebrations, good fortune, and power. They are revered. Both are about freedom, power, majesty.
So which Dragon are You, or which do you need to learn from? Both. Look at these more and learn about the many aspects. In Asian culture there are many specific dragons in legend with lots of different symbolism.
Book meanings for Dragon: vitality, abundance, might, arrogance, majesty.
Next we have Gryphon. Again, a creature who flies. In this picture notice the book under his claw/paw? Also the stone arch that leads into a black unknown? He is a keeper of Knowledge. There is much of this to learn for you this year. We aren't talking normal facts and figures kind of stuff... we're talking deep, mysterious, seriously hidden wisdom that not a lot of people know. He is also an animal of great power. A combination of lion and eagle... such royal, regal creatures. All of your creatures are actually. Also the aspect of him guarding the knowledge... so guardianship is something else for you to work with.
Book meanings for Gryphon: Guardianship, Perceptiveness, Vehemence, Sophistication.
VERY powerful and serious, deep animals. Profound maybe is a good word. Will be an interesting year.

A Swimming Elephant?? for Faunabay

This post is in response to a comment by Faunabay about her reading... let's revisit... she got for her 2009 Animals Shark and Penguin. Somewhat at odds with each other in meaning and as animals in that Sharks eat Penguins. She asked for a card to help merge the two and/or for clarification.
OK... so I concentrated on another animal for the year that would help merge Shark and Penguin. May I present... Elephant. Yep, I know not big swimmers, but we are looking a more the animal's "medicine" I suppose.
Interestingly I believe this is the only black & white card in this entire deck. Like you can alter her message slightly by how you want to color the card. Elephants are another creature of Strength and power. These are fiercely Devoted animals, they actively help others in the herd if in need. Along with this Devotion is the fact their community is a Matriarchy. Really embrace your feminine energy. Elephants are more Compassionate than almost any other animal due to their devotion and helpfulness, they also actually cry and can mourn their dead. As we know "Elephants never forget"... they do posses an Ancient Wisdom also. I also see them oddly as being similar to whales... both big, powerful, hold ancient wisdom and communicate with other frequencies. Elephants communicate at such a low frequency we can't hear it, but it travel miles. This is how they can call to each other when in trouble, etc. Elephant is also very much about Prosperity... so much association with wealth, kings, and gods in India... think Ganesha.
How is Elephant going to help merge Penguin and Shark... I really think she's telling you to be powerful you don't have to be blunt or do it in a way that could be interpreted as vicious like Shark. Elephant seems to fit with Penguin better in aspects of family/group, etc. Pull out Shark when you need to really get something done with efficiency and precision. If you study Shark on its own, make sure you temper it with one of the others in the back of your mind.
Hope this helps... let me know what you think.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Neurotic Mom's Reading

Your Animals for 2009, to help teach and guide you are:
Owl and Eagle. Eagle again appears. And more birds... lots of birds in my readings lately. Need to ponder this. I'm going to count the percentage of land/air/sea animals in this deck to look at the odds of pulling so many birds.
Anyway... to your animals.
Owl... major Wisdom here. This bird is one of survival and focus. When other birds sleep this is when Owl hunts and has a fertile hunting ground due to this. In Celtic myth Owl is one of the 5 oldest animals so there is a lot of wisdom to learn from, not just knowledge but experience. Owl also tells you to look to what is hidden and no easily seen or heard. Hidden Meaning, Senses are another message. Is there someone to act as a mentor to you? Your other animal is Eagle, Strength is very much here for you. Vision to see what you want and where you need and want to go. Eagle is a contrast to Owl in that it is a day creature. You have 24 hour protection and guidance. Eagle is looking at the Owl card. It seems to be saying use your Strength and Vision only after you have taken the time to truly examine your thoughts and possible actions.
There is so much myth and lore surrounding both of these animals I'm sure they will keep you busy this year. Looking forward to your comments.

Reading for faunabay/Roxanne

Hi Roxanne,
Here is your Totem Animal Reading for 2009. Your animal guides/teachers/comforters are: Shark and Penguin.
I've gotten Penguin quite a bit in things lately. Wonder if that is a message for me in some way too. Anyway... Penguins are about family and this card confirms it with the baby penguin surrounded by mom and dad. The also are patient and have endurance, and a strong sense of community. Have you seen what they go through in the arctic winters to say warm and protected. Amazing. They are in a huddle that never quits moving, the penguins move from the outside of the circle to inside to always keep themselves and each other warm. Look to people with shared interest and values to be part of your community. I get a "feminine" energy about penguin, also because the card is in a night setting.
I really like this Shark card. All different types of sharks, but similar in message to me. Efficient is my best description. They are also sleek, fast, and focused. These are extremely good qualities, especially in business. You don't have to be mean or cruel... a shark isn't. It is quickly lethal because is just is... it doesn't toy with it's prey like say an alligator or cat. How can you become more efficient and focused on what you do, not just work either? Seminars maybe and put distractions to a minimum, meditation?
Both of these cards are based in the water... sea of emotion, but Shark hides theirs and I would gather Penguin doesn't. Also... um, Shark eats penguins if they head into the water (note the Shark is looking at the Penguin card). I see some of the messages of these animals being at odds with each other at times... nurturing vs. not for example.
Now for the book:
Shark: Guidance, Stamina, Keen Senses, Travel. Reading the commentary about sharks I think my meanings are actually pretty good, even if they don't match the keywords. Plus animals can have lots of different meanings.
Penguin: Balance, Patience, Walking Between Worlds, Teamwork, Family. Lots of these are similar.
Look forward to comments.

Reading for Manda and some info for everyone.

Hi Everyone...
I'll start of by giving my impressions intuitively and then put in the book meanings at the end. Feel free to look at the rest of what the book says... click on the link to Pathfinders and from there go to downloads and you can get the book there. This will be the same format for all the readings.

Now for Manda's Reading.
Your 2009 Animals are Eagle and Puffin. This Eagle picture was difficult because it was so barren of background. You see the Eagles coming out of the blackness. Eagle has always meant strength and vision (as in visionary) to me. They are coming out of darkness to see everything. They has or are surviving something... and actually Eagles are a protected species. This will be a year of having or needing strength, and you have great help. You has some visions for you life that you will be taking steps towards this year, possibly in a spiritual or self-discovery realm. Next is Puffin. Puffins are so neat to me. Don't know much about them. I know they are an aquatic bird, as shown by the background here too. I'm not sure if they fly or not honestly. Two things stood out to me. First, the RED beak of the bird. It's the first thing noticed. The rest of the bird is black & white. You "lead with your mouth" so to speak. Speak your mind, communicate. I don't think it necessarily has to be spoken, it could be written... but get your thoughts and emotions out there. Second, the fish around the border. Puffin is a big fish eater... maybe you should be too. Lots of good nutritive value in fish, Omega-3's for example.
I noticed both of your animals are birds... though one is more aquatic. I always see air as freedom, communication, logic. There is the water let us know not to forget your emotions and to communicate those. Both are looking left, so don't forget the past... and what has led you to this point.

Ok... now the book meanings.
Eagle: Strength, Divinity, Vision, Balance, Courage
Puffin: Impulsiveness, Fidelity, Boldness

Seems I might have been a bit "off" from the book anyway, on Puffin. Boldness is communicating however seems to fit.
Please read the books stories and look the animals up for yourself.
Look forward to feedback. Just leave a comment.

Offer for Followers...

To those people listed a Followers of my blog here, or my other blog also, I would like to make a oracle reading offer.

Would anyone like a Totem Animal Reading for 2009? I'll draw 2 animals from the Pathfinders Deck. I can post reading either here or on AT, or PM it to you from AT. I do want feedback. I may ask for feedback later in the year since these are guides, teachers, comforters for the entire year. I will probably discuss some of my observations, and possibly feedback on here, however, I will not use names of people when I do. I'll post a picture of the cards also.

Some readings I may feel drawn to try to do them intuitively but will at the end always give you the books "keywords", even if they are vastly different from my own impressions. The intuitive read I did the other day with this deck was very freeing and eye-opening to me about the readability of this deck and pushed me a little which I liked.

This is sort of a thanks for following and commenting on my blog and deciding to spend the year with me and the animals. I also had an odd dream about Zebra doing readings... sort of makes sense with the messages of service and community. Post a comment here and I'll get to it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Several Readings...

Since this is a "Reflections" study. I thought I would do just that. I spent today doing several readings for people on AT. I used this deck for 3 readings. Interestingly in 2 of the readings one of my own 2009 totems came up. These 2 readings were 2009 totem readings. I wonder if there is an overall energy needed about Zebra and Boar for many people. I just found this statistically interesting considering this deck has 83 cards.
The other reading I did was for the Intuitive Oracle Circle on AT. Feel free to look it up (please look it up)... But the thing about that circle is NO LOOKING AT THE BOOK. Well... what if I drew an animal I knew nothing about? What if there wasn't a background pics, What if???? Well it all worked out. So much information and the animals were familiar ones, not necessarily "meanings", but that I know what a Penguin is, a Butterfly, and Parrots. Would love to see if anyone has thoughts on any of this.
This deck is really coming along for me...

Reading for Lizard Sale

Well that is a damn blurry picture. Sorry, used my other camera. Anyway, my reading, which I did late Monday night, is about an event we have going on this weekend. If anyone's looked at my other blog you'll see we bred our Bearded Dragons. This Sunday we are going to have them for sale at the local, every 2 months, Reptile Show.
I asked the cards "what do we need to know for the sale prep and the sale"? I drew Dolphin and Penguin.
The message in both of these cards interestingly has some overlap. Dolphin is about intelligence, community, family, compassion, a journey. Penguin's message is family, willpower, patience, balance, teamwork.
First they both have family in them... ok, my wife and I are the breeder, seller, and of course doing the show together. We will also have a couple other friends (team) helping load/unload and maybe stick around for the show. The journey comes in since we've never bred before, though she has had lizards for 20 some years... before they were ever "cool" and even vets didn't know much. Plus the babies will be going on a journey of their own. This is a community event and we do know a lot of the people in the "reptile community" already. This could be a good chance to show them the quality of our little guys. We need to show our knowledge.
We are pretty picky about who we'll sell to. Not quite the normal "product" mentaility because these are living creatures, and they do have some pretty specific habit requirements. I think patience comes in and says we likely won't sell them all this weekend. We need to have the willpower, and compassion for the babies, to keep our standards we have for the buyers. We, especially my wife, to balance that with the goal of selling.
Also looking at both pictures there are a lot of blues... communication (key all around for this event), and notice how circular the patterns are? Circle of life idea and full circle with raising, now selling them.
Any other thoughts feel free to add...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Deck Interview with the Animals...

Deck Interview…

1. What is your most important characteristic? Wild Dog. The biggest message I get here is about teamwork and success. Wild dogs hunt and bring down prey in packs and have amazing success doing so. This also means family to me too. Hopefully the blog and study group on AT will bring that sense of teamwork. Teamwork can also mean adding my own meanings to each animal through my experiences and research.
2. What are your strengths as a deck? Cougar. This is a cougar mom with 2 cubs. She is leadership, gentleness, and honesty. Just like animals this deck has no option but to be honest. That seems fitting. Evidently Pathfinders is to lead the way in the study of animal deck and the “medicine” animals offer.
3. What are your limits as a deck? Panda. I love this card, not only does it have a black & white panda, but a red panda as well. Panda represents polarity, willpower, and misrepresentation. A panda must consume a huge amount of food to leads it’s basically sedentary life. They have to have willpower to get to the part of the bamboo they eat. Misrepresentation comes in by the masks they wear. So… as a deck I need to make sure to look at the good and bad qualities of each animal. Also wondering if animal decks in general aren’t going to be able to be read as easily in many spreads or questions.
4. What are you here to teach me? Tiger. Both orange and white tigers are on this card, as mirror reflections. Passion, fire, energy. This will be a great start to putting me on the path of listening to the animals. This deck already has ignited that fire. I have found myself looking into shamanism a little bit.. Learning to do anything with passion is a good thing. This will be welcome at work, home, etc.

Not bad for a Deck Interview. Wasn’t sure how it would read. Currently working on some Totem Animal readings for some friends.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Other blog... come follow

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Did some more research on Zebra today. Looked at the African Animal Messages deck I have for her take on Zebra. The key word here is SOCIABLE. Ok, it's a herd animal, I can see that.

Paraphrasing the entry... A herd of zebras is an optical illusion to predators, they can't really pick out an individual animal... it's just a bunch of stripes. Zebra are in the company of other animals in the wild... especially Wildebeest. They graze on different grasses, so no competition, and they have similar enemies, ie big cats. It is said zebra looks after Wildebeest in the day, using itself as camoflauge I gather. And the Wildebeest uses it's better night vision to help protect zebra at night.
Zebra mom's keep the baby from seeing other zebras for a while so it will recognize her unique stripe pattern.
Zebra is honored by many African tribes.
Man has never been able to tame zebras.

Zebra's message to me is that they are all unique, so celebrate that... but be part of the bigger community. Also serving and helping others. Don't be a loner be social.

I really like this message. I feel community, service, helping is all about my profession as a healer. My father lives with us, so we are helping him out. I like to be social... they key is finding people who don't drag me down with their own crap. I want to surround myself with like-minded people who aren't into drama. I feel like Zebra is going to be good for me this year.

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Animal Guide reading...

Obviously using the Pathfinder's Cards...
First card: Zebra... I like this one. The book discusses community, because it's a herd animal, Service, Diplomacy, and Individuality. I guess I see individuality more as uniqueness, vs. being an individual as in not part of a group.
Next: Dolphin... book meanings here are intelligence, family, community, compassion and journeying. Agree with this... notice "community" has shown up twice.
Sphinx is the next card. Not sure how I feel about a mythical being as a "animal" for the year. BOok discusses cunning, strength, guardianship, versatility. I also know they can be not very nice being... at least according to the one Greek myth.
Lastly I drew Boar... I see boar generally as stubborn and very earthy based on Chinese zodiac stuff. The book on this one says: Prosperity, Strength, Fearlessness and Healing.
In general I think these are good animals for the year.
Would love to hear some other takes on meanings. I'll go into studying each animal in more depth. Briefly I did a search for "X" Symbolism and found TONS of links for Dolphin and Boar. Very little for the other two. I do however have a African Animal Deck I ordered from an artist in South Africa that has Zebra in it also. I will need to look at her interpretation too. I honestly know nobody else that has this deck. It's beautiful and I think I got it for $35. I think it's $50 now, but worth it.
Well... until next time.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pathfinders Cards intro

This my blog for the PDR deck study on AT.
I am using an oracle deck done by 39 different artists called Pathfinders Cards. It is all animals, well a few mythical beings and a few extinct animals.
I have been on a real kick lately with the animal decks. I am moving away from tarot in some ways. I think there is so much to learn from the natural world, animals, plants, etc. It seems like the world is so much about technology that nature has been forgotten. I admit I'm not a real nature person on some level... I don't really like camping, but I want there to be the space to do it. I think humans are taking over too much natural space for no reason. Do we need another mall or office building when there are 3 perfectly good vacant ones down the road? NO.
Anyway... my deck choice is actually a very large deck with 83 cards.
I will be trying to do a reading with them each week. Likely these will be readings for other people more than for myself. I will however start with my reading for the year 2009. What are my Animal Guides and Teachers for this year?