Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reading for Lizard Sale

Well that is a damn blurry picture. Sorry, used my other camera. Anyway, my reading, which I did late Monday night, is about an event we have going on this weekend. If anyone's looked at my other blog you'll see we bred our Bearded Dragons. This Sunday we are going to have them for sale at the local, every 2 months, Reptile Show.
I asked the cards "what do we need to know for the sale prep and the sale"? I drew Dolphin and Penguin.
The message in both of these cards interestingly has some overlap. Dolphin is about intelligence, community, family, compassion, a journey. Penguin's message is family, willpower, patience, balance, teamwork.
First they both have family in them... ok, my wife and I are the breeder, seller, and of course doing the show together. We will also have a couple other friends (team) helping load/unload and maybe stick around for the show. The journey comes in since we've never bred before, though she has had lizards for 20 some years... before they were ever "cool" and even vets didn't know much. Plus the babies will be going on a journey of their own. This is a community event and we do know a lot of the people in the "reptile community" already. This could be a good chance to show them the quality of our little guys. We need to show our knowledge.
We are pretty picky about who we'll sell to. Not quite the normal "product" mentaility because these are living creatures, and they do have some pretty specific habit requirements. I think patience comes in and says we likely won't sell them all this weekend. We need to have the willpower, and compassion for the babies, to keep our standards we have for the buyers. We, especially my wife, to balance that with the goal of selling.
Also looking at both pictures there are a lot of blues... communication (key all around for this event), and notice how circular the patterns are? Circle of life idea and full circle with raising, now selling them.
Any other thoughts feel free to add...


  1. I like your stance on selling requirements, I'm glad you're committed to whatever's best for your dragons.
    My other thoughts centre on the Pengiun. The bird has two more showing in her stomach so I'm thinking that your show will be a success and you'll be breeding more.

  2. That's a great thought. Hope we do sell them all. Oh and other requirements are things like no kids can buy one without the parent talking to us (even if they are 18 but live at home), and they have to understand to our satisfaction the lighting/heat requirements. I'm not sure how the gf feels about breeding more, yet. I'm up for it however.

  3. I am amazed that you are doing that.
    Also love your goal to keep your standards high for the dragons.

    What a very cool idea, a dragon farmer! I perform circus arts, and had a friend who used to walk stilts with an iguana on her shoulders. The iguana seemed to like it well enough, and always approached people who came to investigate him. It was fun to see.

  4. Dragon pics here: