Friday, January 16, 2009

Reading for faunabay/Roxanne

Hi Roxanne,
Here is your Totem Animal Reading for 2009. Your animal guides/teachers/comforters are: Shark and Penguin.
I've gotten Penguin quite a bit in things lately. Wonder if that is a message for me in some way too. Anyway... Penguins are about family and this card confirms it with the baby penguin surrounded by mom and dad. The also are patient and have endurance, and a strong sense of community. Have you seen what they go through in the arctic winters to say warm and protected. Amazing. They are in a huddle that never quits moving, the penguins move from the outside of the circle to inside to always keep themselves and each other warm. Look to people with shared interest and values to be part of your community. I get a "feminine" energy about penguin, also because the card is in a night setting.
I really like this Shark card. All different types of sharks, but similar in message to me. Efficient is my best description. They are also sleek, fast, and focused. These are extremely good qualities, especially in business. You don't have to be mean or cruel... a shark isn't. It is quickly lethal because is just is... it doesn't toy with it's prey like say an alligator or cat. How can you become more efficient and focused on what you do, not just work either? Seminars maybe and put distractions to a minimum, meditation?
Both of these cards are based in the water... sea of emotion, but Shark hides theirs and I would gather Penguin doesn't. Also... um, Shark eats penguins if they head into the water (note the Shark is looking at the Penguin card). I see some of the messages of these animals being at odds with each other at times... nurturing vs. not for example.
Now for the book:
Shark: Guidance, Stamina, Keen Senses, Travel. Reading the commentary about sharks I think my meanings are actually pretty good, even if they don't match the keywords. Plus animals can have lots of different meanings.
Penguin: Balance, Patience, Walking Between Worlds, Teamwork, Family. Lots of these are similar.
Look forward to comments.


  1. OK, this is really touching on sensitive stuff with me. Very personal. So you are spot on with this reading souljourney.

    As for the community aspect of Penguin....this is something I've just been thinking about tonight. I've always felt like the outsider. Never seem to fit in with groups. (other than aeclectic - thank you aeclectic!!!) And just this evening I got an email from someone who really brought this to my mind. This person is with another spiritual group I've been meeting with on the internet. The email was worded in a way that made me feel I really wasn't part of the group the way others were....very possible wasn't meant that way but that's what I jumped to. So maybe that's what Penguin is here to help me with. I feel like I'd always be that one Penguin being pushed to the outside, never being allowed to get into the middle of the group. :(

    And then I usually will fall back on the energy of the Shark. (never thought of it this way until now) But when I get overwhelmed emotionally with the "left out" feeling I shut it out and focus on other things. "Doesn't matter. I don't really care to be in a group anyway."

    So yes, they do seem to be at odds with each other. It's either one or the other. Can you maybe draw one more animal totem to explain how I can meld the two????

  2. OK, I've had some time to think about the Penguin and Shark totems and interestingly enough they do kind of make sense when you take into account that my astrological sign is Cancer. Cancer's have an extremely soft center. We are very sensitive. But at the same time we do have that hard shell. If I think about the Penguin as the soft, sensitive part of me and the Shark as the hard outer shell. It does make sense.

    And this reading is very timely for me. This sensitivity is something I'm struggling with right now again. I had gotten better with it, but now once again it's popped up. Thinking about this reading and a few other things that have happened are really making me pay attention to this issue so I can work it out once and for all.