Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daily Draw

Tonight I did a 3 card draw for tomorrow using the Faerie Tarot.
The positions are: Self, Vibrations for Work, Vibrations for rest of day.
Me... I'm a Fool. I guess I just sort of go with the flow. I have my companion with me (I will have my gf with me for all but 5 hours of work). I absolutely love the mouse in this card. I do feel like the Fool in a way, as I'm not really sure what is transpiring tomorrow after work. We might go help a friend, but I'm not sure how or with what. I think being open is good.
The Knight of Cups to represent work. Well Knights are about action, so I suspect I'll be busy. Which is true. I have several packages to get out. One for work that has been driving me nuts (emotional involvement). I can't figure out how to send something to the UK with enough insurance. I'm going to try UPS tomorrow. Also I am sending a couple other parcels out to friends from AT. So there is an emotional tie there as well. The horse and rider in this look really relaxed, and almost passive. Again... it's action with emotion, but not frantic. Good.
After work we have the Hanged Man... hmmm... WEll he is reaching for the berry, but that bird is really looking at it too. Sort of like who's gonna get it first. Well... I don't know what I'm trying to get. Do I even want it? Is someone else going to outsmart me? Probably. Honestly with what we are doing I'm not going to be in the lead position and that is OK. The book meaning here is about waiting, and acceptance of events.
Ok, I'll just "go with the flow". Seems from the Fool I'm all about that energy tomorrow anyway.
I'm seeming to really get into this deck. I'll be doing some exchanges with it, so we'll see how it goes.
I might have to get her other decks too...


  1. Go with the flow was perfect.
    Work was pretty busy... but not frantic. Found a way to send the package, sent off two others to fellow "AT"ers.
    After work.. ran an errand for the gf. We didn't do our original plans... and didn't actually make it to a class either. No problem though... much of all this was other people's decisions too just like the cards said.

  2. This is the first deck I've seen where The Hanged Man is actually active. Does that tell you that while you're waiting for others to do their bit, you still need to keep on your toes?

    I wouldn't say you're a fool - I'd say you showed fool 'tendencies' at times, just like everyone else does.

    I'm off to vote in your poll. :)

  3. That was a pretty cool reading - you might have been so frustrated by the day if the fool hadn't set you straight. LOL

    I just voted for you to use the Faeries. I have this deck and adore it, but felt confused by it and so I put it aside for a bit. I did trim off the sides to make it more normally shaped and I have a bag coming for it, so it a keeper! I'm very interested to see what you get out of it.