Monday, February 16, 2009

Reading with Friends

Last night I got together with my gf, Faunabay, and two other friends barely starting tarot. We had a bunch of different decks out and everyone picked their favorite and least favorite cards out of a couple different decks.
Then each person explained why they liked/disliked the cards and we all discussed that, and then tried to figure out the opposite of the card (what's the positive message about the least favorite, and what could be negative about the favorite)
The results with the 2 newbies were uncanny. Fit their life situations amazingly perfectly. Almost scarily so. Especially the 13 year old daughter. In 2 different decks she picked the 9 of Swords (worry), and other cards related to protection and defending herself. Her mom also had some amazingly accurate picks as far as situation plus exactly what to do about them.
Does anyone every do any kind of free form sort of group reading/discussions? These were really interesting.
Consciously picking cards face up, purely based on the pictures alone was pretty amazing. We all actually got some neat stuff based on doing just that. I think the key was not to let knowledge of meanings get in the way.
The oracles used were neat because you didn't have an inital set of meanings to ignore (sort of like the newbie tarot readers. Both Faunabay & my gf picked a card in the Spirit of the Wheel deck that went with their birth moon unknowingly. Kind of interesting.


  1. Yep, it was really interesting and fun!

  2. That sounds like fun. I don't have any tarot buddies in "real life." Both my mom and my niece have a deck, but neither one of them is the kind of person who'd be interested in sitting down, looking at every card, paying attention to their own reactions, taking the time to pick favorites, etc etc. I, on the other hand... can be entranced for hours. A Swedish friend visited me the other day, & I brought out my Swedish Witch deck, but I think she was just humoring me. :)

    So, I envy you! It sounds like some interesting stuff came up.

  3. Like Pangolin, I have no non-internet friends who are interested in tarot. It must be wonderful to be able to sit around and discuss decks.

  4. It does sound like you enjoyed it. I don't have any real-life tarot buddies either. Some show a passing interest, but that's as far as it goes.

  5. Your get together sounds good - I wish I could meet up with "real life" tarot friends. It does seem to be the case that a few of us are tarot loners, though, doesn't it? I'm still in the tarot closet with even my closest friends. My husband knows about it and affectionately calls it my "mumbo-jumbo"! Other than that I've told one good friend, an esoteric kinda-gal at work.

  6. Most of my friends aren't really into tarot either, but my gf is. The few friends who are interested are barely starting, or they got into because of us (the 2 mentioned above).

    We have our decks all over the house, so it's hard not to notice them. Usually people want readings even if they wouldn't want to study tarot/oracle on their own.

    Cheryl... Just lay a deck or two around next time people are over and see what they say. :)

  7. Oh... and have you guys tried There are tarot groups in a lot of areas. We have our first meeting TOMORROW!!!