Monday, February 9, 2009

A small deviation

Hey everyone... been a while since I posted. I've felt like I need to get back to a Tarot deck a bit, since we are starting the Tarot & Oracle Meetup. Most people tend to focus on Tarot.
I get a new deck yesterday so thought I'd post with it here. I got the Nathalie Hertz Faerie Tarot.

For this post I did the Favorite & Least Favorite exercise. Briefly... pick Favorite card... look at it in a negative way, & pick Least Favorite card and look at it in a positive way.
Lets start with the Least Favorite card: 10 of Wands. I really have a hard time with the faces and the body shape of these faeries. They seem so odd... I couldn't get over it. The best light we can look at with this card is actually pretty nice however... the couple seems happy. 10 of Wands is normally a card of burdens, but this seems to show how togetherness and attitude can make all the difference when there is a lot of work to be done (looks like gardening in this case). Also I see that even though they look so odd, someone obviously loves them so go past initial impressions. Interestingly my girlfriend really wants to start a garden this spring. I'm not much into that... but I certainly will enjoy eating the fresh food (especially tomatoes... can't get enough). So I'm going to take this message literally and really try to help with this and try to enjoy the togetherness of it, even though it is hard work, and somewhat a "burden". In the book the "positive" messages are: Problems solved soon, professional success, positive renewal.

Now for my Favorite card: 7 of Wands. What I like about this card is the face and body shape of the faerie. I love the color of the clothes and size/shape of the wings. There is something about the look on her face... the angularity of it that I like about Hertz' other decks. She also looks really determined. Ok... so lets look at this card in a more negative way. She looks really stubborn also. Stubborn is usually bad in my world. There is also a rash, and hastiness about the movement. Definitely need not to rush into things without looking first... but not to the point I stall or procrastinate. Interestly the "negative" meanings in the book lists doubts, indescision, and uncertainties as meanings... well... I need to definately be aware of these... I do this.

I think both of these cards in there "opposite" way have really good messages for me. I think I might really like this deck.
In my initial piles of like and dislike I had very few cards I didn't like... the Pages in general and maybe one other, but none nearly as much as the 10 of Wands. The pile of cards I liked was much bigger. Had a hard time narrowing it down. I also really liked the Queen of Swords, 5 of Pents, Death, and Strength.


  1. I like your take on each of these cards. And I really like how you look at the opposites with each one too. They do seem to have special meanings when you look at it that way.
    What's funny is the 10 of Wands was the one that irked me enough to finally trade the deck. For some reason I just couldn't get around the different meaning.

  2. I remember you saying the deck was TOO positive for you. LOL. I actually liked this card in the end after I looked at in my own way from the positive side. It's more an overcoming burdens card than a burden card.

  3. I'll miss the animals! But to look at the positive side (kind of like what you're doing with this exercise, LOL) this is a chance for me to see a deck I'd otherwise never get to see.

  4. Don't worry... I'll get back to the animals.

  5. I'm glad to hear that, souljourney. I've got the Pathfinders now, and I cannot read with it. But your readings of it always make sense to me -- so I want to keep watching over your shoulder, in the hope that something good will rub off on me. :)