Friday, February 13, 2009

Please VOTE in my deck poll...

I've just posted a poll to see deck would you all would rather I blog about. I will be using both of them anyway.
Seemed like everyone really was enjoying the animals and I sort of wanted to move to a tarot deck for a bit. However, I have plenty of other tarot decks that would love some attention. :D
Let me know what you think... if you want to see what I own you can look at my profile on AT and make a suggestion.
Thanks everyone for playing!!!!


  1. Hi Souljourney.

    Just voted in your poll after reading your comment on the PDR forum. Got too much on to read your posts just now, but I am now following your blog and will return.... xx

  2. Hi souljourney -- I voted for Other, because I would like to see you use the deck you most WANT to work with, Pathfinders, Faerie, or other. Personally, I've been reading your Faerie posts & trying to get comfortable with the deck, but wasn't there yet... I may never get there, LOL, but that shouldn't be a reason to stop me from posting. Sorry. :( I appreciated the post where you read for the upcoming day, and then gave feedback afterward -- people don't do that anywhere near often enough. Seeing the feedback is what MAKES the reading in a case like that.

  3. I just have to add that today's "Wild Animal Picture of the Day" is absolutely adorable -- the penguin w/ its chick. :)

  4. souljourney.....I've voted for 'other' because I know you will continue to use Pathfinders which I would have chosen if it was a choice between the two.
    I don't care for the Faerie deck at all.....doesn't seem to have the depth for long term study but agree you need to work with a tarot deck with the new venture coming up.

  5. I've enjoyed the Pathfinders posts. Rock on!

  6. I've had a stressful week, and am pretty grumpy at the moment from lack of sleep. :) I read everyone's blog posts in Google Reader, and have clicked through several times, thinking about commenting, only to wander off and get involved in something else (or fall asleep for a while).

    I don't mind the Faerie deck at all... on Christmas Eve, I was in Borders with my mother, looking at tarot decks. I wasn't sure about this deck, and neither was my mother (she preferred the Gilded); having seen the images here, it looks like a deck that I might like to work with after all. :) (My Amazon wishlist just keeps growing and growing... ;) )

  7. I also think that you should work with whatever you like. At the moment, I can't seem to settle on one deck for just one week.

  8. Thanks for all the comments so far. I somewhat agree I need to do a tarot deck for a bit. I do LOVE the Pathfinders though.
    For the moment I'm going to stick with the Faeries... if I do readings that can get feedback... like the daily draw or the tarot meetup readings for example... I WILL come back and report. Gary does that too and I really appreciate it.
    I will peruse my tarot collection and see what I want to work with next. The Fey is always an option, as is the Merryday, but I might try something else... Ancestral Path maybe???

  9. Okay, I completely agree with everyone that say that you should use what you want. But since you looked for some input, I love the posts about the animal cards. It is a beautiful deck and you give such insightful readings with it too.


  10. Angela... that spread is better I think if there is a focus area at least, like work or whatever. Try it!

    Well... I did another reading with the Faerie tonight for an exchange... we'll see how feedback goes, but I really got the cards and reading... or so I think.