Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reading for In-Laws Cat... really sick

Well... I just felt the need to do a reading on my in-laws cat. My wife's parents have a cat, Monty who is around 12-13 years old. He is really sick with liver issues. Long story... probably not handled the best from the beginning.
The situation is somewhat at a crossroads. Either way I feel the outcome is very uncertain. I would love input here!
Anyway... I used the World Spirit tarot for this reading... will need to post pics later.

Situation: Sibyl of Swords... In some ways the situation is cold and harsh... just like the winter on this card. Traditionally this is a somewhat sad card, or someone who has been through a painful experience. This is definitely what's happening. This card also shows the whole situation needs to be handled with logic, clear communication, and clarity.

Option 1 Advice: Seer of Pentacles... This card is about research, learning, but also about trusting one's intuition. I feel like that is key here. I'm not sure Monty's "parents" are doing that. Is this option one that is more doing something just to be doing something? Does the doctor just want some more money from this case?
Option 1 Outcome: Seven of Cups... This card speaks to me of illusion. I've always equated 7 of Cups with illusion. Something that is a pipe dream... that rarely, if every works out the way someone wants. Is the doctor just selling them a "pie in the sky" type of thing. The other thought is options... which doesn't really serve as an outcome.

Option 2 Advice: Ten of Wands... this would be a hard road, very frustrating. Burdened and not seeing how they would come through it. If feel this card also signifies hard work however. Treating a cat is never really pleasant. And Monty sure won't like it much, but it's not the worst thing... it can be handled especially with an outlook change.
Option 2 Outcome: 12 The Hanged Man... the outcome here is either up to Monty, or it's already out of everyone's hands but the Universe. In effect it would be out of human hands in general either way even if the humans treat him accordingly.
Well... then I decided to look at the bottom card on the deck: Five of Swords... loss, sadness, defeat. I gather this is the final outcome regardless. Generally I take this card to be the hidden or factor that has to be addressed in some way... well... :(

Ok... I'm just feeling that option 1 is kind of BS, especially taking into account the major expense. And option 2 is more a "it will be what will be" type of thing. I guess I'd go with option 2 considering the whole picture, including that bottom card.
If you want more info let me know... please feel free to comment, question, etc.


  1. I see the same things you're seeing, souljourney.

    The Seer of Pentacles for Option 1 makes me think of natural/holistic/alternative approaches. But then it leads to 7 of Cups, which looks like wishful thinking, avoiding reality.

    10 of Wands for Option 2... recognize that there's only so much you can do. (And there's only so much Monty will put up with.) So, you do what you can, and the Hanged Man points out that in the end it's out of your hands anyway.

    Sorry that I don't really have anything to add. I wish the best for Monty and everyone who loves him. It's so hard when the old kitties start going downhill. I've got one of my own that I'm worrying about right now.

  2. This is a very difficult dilemma depending on how both your in-laws and their vet views things. The way I see it is that option 2 wouldn't give anyone much relief, the burden is still there and things will hang in the balance - for how long?

    Option 1 - well, things do need to be considered and it's going to take a rational mind to do so. I do agree with you about dreams to a certain extent, but I think the only one with the answer to this is the vet. The vets that I know of around here wouldn't take people's money if they didn't think it was worth it. I don't know if your in-laws have already discussed this with theirs. Perhaps try more treatment just for a while to see if they can enjoy their dream of keeping him a while longer, but being prepared to say when enough's enough.

    Personally, I think give option 1 a last chance.

    Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear!

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